How to Get Vanwyrm Cryst In Palworld? Locations, Stats, Breeding Combos

How to Get Vanwyrm Cryst in Palworld? Locations, Stats, Breeding Combos
How to Get Vanwyrm Cryst in Palworld? Locations, Stats, Breeding Combos

Palworld is an upcoming action-adventure RPG with an open-game world setup that is currently in early access. The game has heavy aspects of survival and monster-taming, and is populated with animal-like beings called “Pals.” The players strive to fight and collect unique pals to add them to their team and use them for battle and travel. Palwrold can either be played game solo or with up to 32 players on one server. 

The game copied Pokémon such blatantly that it earned the nickname “Pokémon with Guns” and Nintendo filed a lawsuit against them for plagiarism. One of the creatures that looks way too much like an existing Pokemon is one Vanwyrm Cryst.

Today, we’ll be looking into everything you need to know about Vanwyrm Cryst. This includes what kind of Pal it is, where it can be found, how you can breed it, and some other uses of the Pal.

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What Is Vanwyrm Cryst?

Vanwyrm Cryst
Vanwyrm Cryst Paldeck

Vanwyrm Cryst is the ice and dark variant of the fire and dark Vanwyrm in Palworld. It usually flies in pairs and attacks as soon as it notices the player, which is why it is wise to be cautious if you plan on going hunting for one. The ice and dark type Pal has special skills and abilities that can be very useful for the player. 

For instance, the partner skill of the Vanwyrm Cryst allows any player who has captured it and built a saddle, to mount and ride it. Riding the Pyrin Noct into battle enables the Aerial Marauder Partner Skill that increases the damage the player inflicts upon the enemy’s weak points while mounted.

The Vanwyrm Cryst is one of the fastest flying Pal in the game so this ability can come in very handy when you need to explore Palpagos Island. Additionally, the damage that Vanwyrm Cryst can inflict on the enemy’s weak spot is a very useful ability to have as insurance in combat.

Where To Find Vanwyrm Cryst?

Vanwyrm Cryst still
Vanwyrm Cryst Still

Now that we have explained what a Vanwyrm Cryst is and why it will be a useful inclusion in your team, let us move on to discussing where you can find Vanwyrm Cryst in Palworld. The Vanwyrm Cryst can be found in two locations in Palworld and we will mention them both.

Firstly, you can find the Vanwyrm Cryst going to the Astral Mountains in the Northwestern part of Palpagos Island. You can very commonly come across the Pal on the western side of the mountain and you should easily be able to locate it. However, if you are unable to find the Vanwyrm Cryst there, you can try looking by the grasslands at the bottom or on the Eastern side of Unthawable Lake.

Additionally, there is a chance that the Vanwyrm Cryst will appear as the final enemy of the Sacred Mountain Cavern dungeon; stopping you from leaving until it is defeated. If you are lucky enough to come face to face with the Vanwyrm Cryst as the final boss, it will spawn as the Alpha Boss Vanwyrm Cryst – Marauder of Frozen Skies.

One way to ensure you can make the Vanwyrm Cryst spawn as the final boss of the dungeon is to backtrack several rooms back the way you just came from to despawn any other boss that was spawned. Then you can return to the boss’s room, and a new boss will be spawned for you to fight. Keep repeating this until the Alpha Boss Vanwyrm Cryst – Marauder of Frozen Skies is spawned.

How To Breed Vanwyrm Cryst?

If you were unable to find the Vanwyrm Cryst in the location we mentioned above and were also unsuccessful in getting the Alpha Boss Vanwyrm Cryst – Marauder of Frozen Skies to spawn in the Sacred Mountain Cavern dungeon, then we will mention another way for you to add the ice elemental to your team.

You can make a Vanwyrm Cryst through breeding if you manage to acquire a Vanwyrm and a Foxcicle of the opposite gender. Both of these pals are easy to locate and capture so breeding will take significantly less time than trying to find a Vanwyrm Cryst out in the open world or gambling on the chance that it spawns in the Sacred Mountain Cavern dungeon. 

In addition, the Vanwyrm Cryst is one of the few pals in Palworld that can be bred using two parents of the same offspring. So if you managed to get a female and a male Vanwyrm Cryst, you can use them to spawn a large frozen egg that can be hatched using the incubator.

How To Ride Vanwyrm Cryst?

Vanwyrm Cryst saddle
Vanwyrm Cryst Saddle

If you manage to capture the ice elemental, you can mount it and fly all over Palpagos Island on its back. However, to be able to ride the Vanwyrm Cryst, you will need to first craft a saddle to unlock the Vanwyrm Cryst’s Aerial Marauder Partner Skill. 

The requirements to be able to build the Vanwyrm Cryst saddle are simple; you must reach level 41 in your technology tree and have two technology points to unlock the recipe.

Once you meet all the requirements, all you have to do is use the following materials and craft the Vanwyrm Cryst saddle at a Pal Gear workbench:

  • Leather x24
  • Fiber x36
  • Ice Organ x12
  • Ingot x18
  • Paldium Fragment x24

Fortunately, all the required materials are easy to obtain. You can farm them easily through Pals while traversing Palpagos Island or through plentiful resource deposits found across the island.

This concludes everything you need to know about how to find Vanwyrm Cryst in Palworld. Do let us know whether you want to add the Pal to your team so you have a fast flying ride or you want a highly offensive addition to your crew. Also, be sure to check out our Granblue Fantasy Relink Roadmap: Every Future Update Explained.

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