Top Five Augmentations To Get First In Nightingale

Top Five Augmentations To Get First In Nightingale

Stepping into the world of Nightingale, you’ll get access to a simple workbench where you can craft some simple tools to start your adventure. However, are these simple tools enough for you to ace the game? Not, thus, as you explore the terrifying realms of Nightingale and find multiple resources, you also need to look for different augments that will unlock advanced workbenches i.e. refined workbench, or upgrade the crafting stations, therefore, enabling you to craft the tools you want. Here in this guide, we will discuss in detail augmentations to get first in Nightingale.

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Nightingale: Best Early Game Augmentations

Nightingale: Augmentations
Nightingale: Augmentations

Progressing through the Nightingale realms, as you collect different resources, you also need to get the augmentation necessary to craft these recipes. Unfortunately, there are no pin locations for these augmentations, so getting access to the specific augmentation can be tough sometimes.

However, there’s no need to panic as you’ll be able to unlock many of them, simply by playing the game. Clearing an activity on the map, maybe it can be occupation or investigation, or some gem puzzle sequence, all of these things unlock augmentations organically. Also, you can buy augmentations from vendors, so make sure that you’re creating plenty of portals of different Realms and biomes. Once you have these augmentations, they prove to be a game changer. Here is the list of augmentations to get first in Nightingale:

5. Simple Saddle Rack

Fifth, the best early augmentation, you can get is Simple Saddle Rack, which belongs to the workbench. Until and unless you’re facing enemies that are max 40, you can go with the slingshot bow thing, you get in the beginning, but moving forward you need to unlock Lancaster pistol and that is not possible without Simple Saddle Rack. Therefore, rather than saying the best augmentation you should get, you can say it’s the most thing you need.

Getting the Simple Saddle Rack augmentation is hard, as there’s this large list of materials it requires, however, the benefits it offers make it all worth it. Apart from the Lancaster pistol, you also need it, to craft elemental ammo for revolvers therefore it’s pretty useful.

4. Blasting Machine

Similar to the Simple Saddle Rack, Blasting Machine augmentation can only be applied to the workbench. You need to augmentation to get a Refined Mining Pick, which is important, also purchasing this Refined Pick is expensive. Therefore, with this augmentation, you’ll get durability, ores, and gems as you complete the recipe for Mining Pick.

3. Open Toolbox

Moving forward in Nightingale, along with the upgradation from slingshot bow to pistol, you also need to get axes and hammers, and Open Toolbox augmentation provides access to craft such recipes. You can use this to get Refined Woodaxe, which gives a good amount of damage. Also, along with different axes, you can get a hammer, which can also be used as a weapon.

2. Formula Board

In the world of Nightingale, Formula Board augmentation that you can attach to the Sewing Bench is like a magical board that helps you make your clothes better and unlock new sets of clothes.

When you use the Formula Board, it lets you upgrade your clothes at the Sewing Bench. You can get cool sets of clothes like the Scholar and Calcularian sets, plus some other neat items. Therefore, this augmentation gives you the ability to mix and match different sets of clothes according to your playstyle.

1. Meat Grinder

Meat Grinder, which you can set near Campfire in Nightingale stands out as a great early game augmentation as it helps you cook better food and unlock new recipes. Starting your journey through the realms, you’ll first use Spit Roast to cook, however, getting Meat Grinder is like leveling up. With this, you can unlock most of the meals you’ll ever need, like Tack and Spring Rolls. These meals can help you stay strong and healthy on your adventures.

The tricky part about the Meat Grinder is that some recipes need ingredients that are hard to find unless you can farm flour. But as you progress, you’ll be able to make more complicated meals that give you lots of health, and stamina, and keep your hunger at bay. So, even though the Meat Grinder might seem tough at first, it’s worth it because it opens up a whole new world of delicious and powerful meals.





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