Nightingale: How To Get The Refined Workbench

Nightingale is a survival RPG that has players modifying their gears in different ways to take on new foes. If you have already infused your gear and now are looking to craft refined gear, we will be going over how to get the Refined Workbench so you can get crafting.

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How To Get The Refined Workbench

Nighingale Cover Art
Nighingale Cover Art

The Refined Workbench is the upgraded version of the Simple Workbench and a tier 2 crafting station in the game Nightingale. Upgrading your workbench to the Refined version will allow you to craft more recipes and use more augmentations. 

However, to be able to craft the Refined Workbench you need access to the Provisioner Realms. The schematics for the Refined Workbench need to be purchased from Essence Traders in a Provisioner Realm.

You will require a Provisioner Realm Card to be granted entry into a Provisioner Realm and get in contact with Essence Traders. To do this, you will need to visit the Provisioner Site of Power and subsequently defeat the boss guarding the mechanism in the final level of the tower. Once you are successful in releasing the Hope Echo stored there, you will unlock the schematic for the realm card as a reward.

Once you have unlocked the schematic for the Provisioner Real Card you can purchase all the recipes you want from the Essence Traders. Then the only thing left is to gather the ingredients necessary for crafting the Refined Workbench.

How To Craft The Refined Workbench?

Travel back to your Abeyance Realm after buying all the recipes you want and gather the following ingredients to craft the Refined Workbench – four pieces of lumber, one mechanical gear, and 1 carved wood. 

You also need to choose the location carefully while crafting the Refined Workbench to make sure the tool is granted the maximum number of positive traits.

Trait Condition
Grit This is a negative trait that is applied if you do not build your structure on a stable surface. That is why it is necessary to first lay the foundation before placing the structure.
Warm This is a positive trait if the location you choose is warm. Since you will be working on the tool, the temperature should be optimal.
Well Lit This is another positive trait if you have ample source of lighting. It is only logical that you need to be able to see things properly when crafting on the workbench.
Sheltered  This is a positive trait when the tool is protected from damaging elements. To make use of it, make sure to keep the workbench indoors or inside a tent.
Exposed This is a negative trait when the structure is located outdoors or in a location that exposes it to damage. For instance, if you keep your workbench outside, rain and other weather can cause damage to it.

Finally, another thing to keep in mind when selecting the location for your Refined Workbench is to make sure there is sufficient space to store augmentations. 

What Can You Craft On The Refined Workbench?

Nighingale Cover Art
Nighingale Cover Art

One of the biggest advantages of crafting the Refined Workbench is the ability to raise your score to 50. This in turn allows you to travel to the Herbarium Real as the Herbarium Site of Power is unlocked with a gear score of 50.

All the tools, weapons, and clothing you craft on the Refined Workbench will be the Refined version of the specific item. In addition, with the Refined Workbench, you can also craft firearms once you unlock their schematics. 

The Refined Workbench also unlocks the recipes listed below:

  • Aristocratic Umbrella
  • Pioneer’s Umbrella
  • Refined Hunting Knife
  • Refined Mining Pick
  • Refined Sickle
  • Refined Watering Can
  • Refined Wood Axe
  • Ritual Seed Nursery

More recipes can be unlocked by the Refined Workbench but you need to build augmentations closely to unlock them. Additionally, certain gear requires the purchase of a schematic from the Essence Traders before they can be crafted on the Refined Workbench. The schematic can also be discovered while exploring the Fae Realms.

This concludes everything you need to know about how to get the Refined Workbench. For more from GamingFlaws, check out the The Fastest Cars In GTA 5 (Ranked).

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