Nightingale: How To Craft And Use Infusions

Nightingale: How To Craft And Use Infusions
Nightingale: How To Craft And Use Infusions

Inflexion Games opened early access for their survival game, Nightingale, earlier this month and the RPG was an instant hit. The game was so loved that a journalist compared it to the cult classic Morrowind of The Elder Scrolls game series. 

The open world of Nightingale is set in the Victorian Era and like other RPG games, players can get quests, armor, or just go about exploring the beautiful world. Some bugs were encountered, however, that is expected for an early release build. For example, the recent “Error Getting Shards” message, which now has a fix.

The survival twist in the game sets it apart from other roleplaying games, and the reviews so far show that this element of the game is next level. Something that can be useful for players to survive the game and make the most of it is Infusions. We will be going through what infusions are, how to craft them, and how to use them.

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What Are Infusions In Nightingale?

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Infusions are add-ons that you can use on your gear to upgrade and increase the stats or improve the defense of the gear. For instance, if you were to use an Infusion that provides resistance from certain types of damage to armor, then wearing that armor will make you resistant to that particular type of damage.  

Similarly, if you were to craft an Infusion that was to increase your speed then traveling the open world would become more convenient. It is also possible to increase the durability of your weapons via Infusions. Infusions are a great way to be able to take any foe while venturing the realm. All the Infusion currently available in the early access are listed below:

  • Stamina Regeneration: Increase recovery rate of stamina.
  • Item Durability: Longer life of armor and weapon longevity before the need for repairs
  • Improved Stealth: Enhanced stealth ability for avoiding enemy detection.
  • Poison Resistance: Protection against all types of poison damage.

How To Craft Infusions In Nightingale?

Nightingale cover art
Nightingale gameplay

For you to be able to craft Infusions, you need to have a Simple Enchanter’s Focus, which is a crafting workbench. This particular piece of equipment can be used to craft enchantments, realm cards, charms, and infusions. 

To build the Simple Enchanter’s Focus you need to complete your first Site of Power for Puck, which will unlock the recipe. Once you have the recipe you can build the workbench using 1x Lumber, 2x Ingots, and 5x Glass. After the workbench, you need to build the Simple Saw Table, Simple Smelter, and Simple Mortar Station so you can get the ingredients for the Infusions.

Once all of the steps are complete, all you require is the recipe or blueprint of the Infusion that you want to craft. The recipe can be bought from Essence Traders and then can be brought back to the Enchanter’s Focus to be crafted. After acquiring the recipe, select the Infusion from the Infusions section, add the required quantity of Essence in the ingredient slot, and click Craft to start the crafting process.

How To Use Infusions In Nightingale?

If you have successfully crafted your Infusions and now want to use them on your gear, keep in mind you need to have uncommon or higher-quality gear. You can also increase the quality of your gear using the Simple Upgrade Bench but that will require using T1 Essence.

Once you have the proper armor ready, right-click on the Infusion, and if the armor is compatible you will see the apply option. Keep in mind Infusions upgrade stats that a gear already possesses, so you need to make sure the correct type of gear is paired with the Infusion. In addition, uncommon quality gear can only be Infused with 1 Infusion but higher-quality gear can have more Infusions.

This concludes everything you need to know about Infusions in Nightingale. We explained what Infusions are, how to use them, and how to craft them. Infusion can be beneficial for players in the game due to the different types of buffs they can provide. Do let us know in the comments what infused gear you use. For more from GamingFlaws, check out the How To Fix Last Epoch Failed To Matchmake Error.

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