Monopoly Go Galactic Treasures Locations And Rewards List

Monopoly Go Galactic Treasures Locations
Monopoly Go Galactic Treasures Locations And Rewards List

Monopoly GO has been on a role introducing new events to you to earn extra Dice Rolls and win other rewards. Currently, the Monopoly GO Galactic Treasures event is live.

This guide will explain everything about Monopoly GO Galactic Treasures locations and all the rewards you can obtain from the event.

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Monopoly GO Galactic Treasures Event

If you have played the Monopoly GO Jungle Treasures event, you will find the Galactic Treasures event to your liking. The event went live on February 23, 2024.

It will require you to extract artifacts from a grid with the help of pickaxe tokens. You can find pickaxe tokens from tournaments and events. The event will run for four or five days approximately. You will find the pickaxe tokens available in the current event, the Space Repairs tournament.

The Galactic Treasures event will want you to get the tokens by achieving milestones in various banner events and tournaments. These tokens are called the Pickaxe Tokens and will be your bread and butter in the event.

Monopoly GO Galactic Treasures Locations

In order to ace the event you need to be smart with your Pickaxes. You need to find the empty spots at the top to figure out how many Pickaxes you might need and look for the treasures.

Once you have determined the location, you need to start using your Pickaxe in the middle of the grid. This will help you cover ground more effectively and find a better chance to find treasures.

After clearing some middle squares, search for tiles most likely to hide parts of that treasure. Look for areas where revealing a tile without treasure would eliminate many others, helping you narrow down the locations.

Additionally, it is recommended to not use your Pickaxes at the corners and at the edges unless you’re sure you can not find something valuable there.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of the currently going event, find the gifts in the store, and complete Quick Wins to unlock extra rewards. You need to be vigilant for these chances to participate the most in the event and collect as many pickaxe tokens as you can.

Monopoly GO Galactic Treasures: Milestones and Rewards

Monopoly Go Galactic Treasures Locations
Monopoly Go Galactic Treasures Locations and Rewards List

You can find the following reward distribution for the Galactic Treasures event. It consists of a total of 20 stages. The rewards for the event have been revealed including unique UFO tokens and distribution of Safes.

The following are the 20 stages and the rewards you can obtain from each stage.

Milestone Rewards Earned
1 25 Dice Rolls
2 Cash Prize
3 75 Dice Rolls
4 Cash Prize, 200 Dice Rolls, Orange Sticker Pack
5 Cash Prize
6 150 Dice Rolls
7 Cash Prize
8 200 Dice Rolls
9 Cash Prize, 400 Dice Rolls, 10 Pew Pew’s (Blue Vault)
10 Pink Sticker Pack (three stars)
11 300 Dice Rolls
12 Cash Prize
13 15 Pew Pew’s
14 Blue Pack
15 350 Dice Rolls
16 UFO token
17 400 Dice Rolls
18 15 Pew pew’s
19 Cash Prize
20 2500 Dice Rolls, Cash Prize, Wild Sticker (Green Vault)

Monopoly Go Galactic Treasures Locations And Rewards List

That’s all there is to know about the Monopoly Go Galactic Treasures Locations And Rewards List. While you’re at it, do make sure to check out our detailed guide, The Chamber Of Vessels Last Epoch: How To Defeat Majasa And Apophis.

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