The Chamber Of Vessels Last Epoch: How To Defeat Majasa And Apophis

The Chamber Of Vessels Last Epoch
The Chamber Of Vessels Last Epoch

Chamber of Vessels is a place in the Last Epoch that will introduce you to the game’s last boss. You will meet the boss named Majasa and it is a place where you will find various missions that contain dark magic in it. Read the article to know all about the chamber of vessels Last Epoch so you can know how to defeat the two bosses in that area and how you can survive in the game.

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The Chamber of Vessels Last Epoch

Players will meet two bosses in the chamber of vessels, and these are Majasa and Apophis who need to be defeated to move on in the game. Find out how to defeat the major bosses in this area so you can survive in the chamber of vessels Last Epoch.

The Chamber Of Vessels Last Epoch
The Chamber Of Vessels Last Epoch

Location of Chamber of Vessels in Last Epoch

You will need to defeat the boss, Majasa in this area because it is the last chapter that is called chapter 9. Players will find another boss named Apophis who is quite a loyal supporter of Majasa, and it will perform some rituals to give more power to Orobyss. You can arrive at the exact location by going through the upper and lower temple which is also a part of the main mission in the chamber of vessels Last Epoch.

How To Defeat Majasa

The boss Majasa has two phases in which she launches her attacks. The first phase has some good positions that can be deadly for you, and it also involves some quick action time. However, if you experience the second phase of Majasa, you will note that it will get more aggressive and challenging than before.

The main and basic attack of Majasa includes the stone stare because this attack causes you to be stuck in the same pose if you get 4 stacks of stone stare. It is a deadly attack that will make you paralyzed and you won’t be able to move so the simple way is to just dodge this attack by moving in either direction. Players can prepare for the battle against Majasa by having some resistance against fire, lightning, and poison because these will be frequently used by the boss to fight against you in the chamber of vessels Last Epoch.

The secondary attack of the Majasa boss will be to shoot some of the projectiles at you by bringing in help from her ads. The best way to avoid the damage from this attack is by dodging it or attacking it. The second phase is much deadlier than the first one because she will remove your armor with each blow so watch out for every single blow by the boss in the chamber of vessels Last Epoch.

The Chamber Of Vessels Last Epoch
The Chamber Of Vessels Last Epoch

How To Defeat Apophis

The Apophis is a side character that will be located once you start your fight with Majasa. It will appear in between the fights, and it will cause you damage by making some spells. Apophis can also heal the Majasa boss by providing more power to her. It will make some portals near the fighting area to slow you down so you must just keep on moving from place to place to destroy the portal in the chamber of vessels Last Epoch.

One of the main attacks of Apophis is a white beam that will cover almost all the arena and it will damage everyone who comes in the way. The best way to dodge this attack is to hide behind some objects like pillars or to jump over them so you can entirely dodge it. It is recommended to defeat one of the bosses, either Majasa or Apophis before they can team up by healing and giving you more damage in the chamber of vessels Last Epoch.

How to survive in Chamber of Vessels

The chamber of vessels is a place that has lots of mysteries and this includes a large dungeon that has various kinds of traps inside it. All you have to do is find 4 keys that will unlock the door and lead you to Majasa and Apophis. Players will have to fight some mini-bosses and solve some puzzles to progress in the chamber of vessels Last Epoch.

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