Ecological Consortium Starfield and How to Locate [Complete Guide]

Ecological Consortium Starfield
Ecological Consortium Starfield

In Starfield, you have plenty on offer to explore, be it the extensive array of planets and moons or the diverse range of inorganic resources, flora, and fauna found on these planets. However, that’s not all there is to it!

Additionally, the game introduces unique planet traits called Ecological Consortium, comprising geographical or environmental features that you need to uncover during your exploration journey.

This comprehensive guide will delve into the details of the Ecological Consortium Starfield, providing a thorough explanation of everything you need to know, including how to locate them.

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What Is Ecological Consortium Starfield

Ecological Consortium Starfield
What is Ecological Consortium Starfield?

The Ecological Consortium in Starfield are planetary trais that are generally characterized by the fusion of dense roots, fibers, and other biotic structures, forming a nutrient-rich storage cluster. This cluster is situated on channels that extend toward other interconnected clusters.

Simply put, the Planet Traits or the Ecological Consortium is basically the number of anomalies you observe and come across while exploring a planet on foot. It is worth noting that these are other than the flora, fauna, and resources.

In Starfield, almost all planets feature around 0-3 Ecological Consortium. Therefore, you need to be on the lookout for them. Read on to learn how to locate Ecological Consortium Starfield.

How to Locate Ecological Consortium Starfield

Ecological Consortium Starfield Location
How to locate the Ecological Consortium Starfield

In order to find an Ecological Consortium in Starfield, you need to select a specific planter and land on it. Next up, you need to pull out your Scanner and identify the markers indicating points of interest in the vicinity.

You can simply press the F Key on your PC or the LB button on your controller to pull out the Scanner in Starfield.

Ecological Consortium Starfield
Ecological Consortium Starfield: How To Scan

Since icons resembling map points or waveforms frequently lead to anomalies that contribute to the Ecological Consortium, it is recommended to prioritize scanning those icons.

Scan the primary anomaly source when you reach an ecological or geological feature. The source typically will consist of one or more elements within the landscape.

For instance, scanning a melted glacier will involve focusing on a single large rocky terrain in the center. At the same time, a microbial hive may require scanning multiple spots within a small distance.

Ecological Consortium Starfield
Ecological Consortium Starfield

Once you’re done completing the scan of each necessary feature at the site, it will add the point of interest as an Ecological Consortium – Planet Traits.

However, if you have multiple Planet Traits to scan, it should be noted that you cannot scan the same type of anomaly, even if you encounter it elsewhere on the planet.

Therefore, it is hard to tell the exact location of an Ecological Consortium on a planet. Nonetheless, you can use the abovementioned guidelines to locate them on any planet.

Additionally, if you repeatedly encounter the same feature or anomaly, it is recommended that you try searching for different types of unknown map markers in the distance using your Scanner.

In case the issue persists and you’re unable to locate a different anomaly, you should utilize the planet map to choose a different biome for landing, as distinct terrains harbor various anomalies waiting to be discovered.

That’s all there is to know about the Ecological Consortium Starfield. Additionally, you should check out our comprehensive guide on how to find All Snow Globes in Starfield.

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