Starfield Companionway vs Storeroom: What Is The Better Choice?

Starfield Companionway Vs Storeroom
Starfield Companionway Vs Storeroom: What Is The Better Choice?

In Starfield, selecting the appropriate storage module poses a considerable challenge due to the limited space for accommodating the various items. The game has two options when it comes to these storage modules: the Companionway and the Storeroom.

While both serve the purpose of organizing and storing various items and are integral to your ship, this guide will compare the two storage modules, Starfield Companionway vs Storeroom, and explain the better choice.

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Starfield Companionway Vs Storeroom

Starfield Companionway Vs Storeroom
Starfield Companionway vs Storeroom: Explained

The Starfield Companionway and Storeroom offer unique features to enhance the overall. functionality and the storage of your ship while essentially providing space for storage.

Read on for insights into the comparison between Companionway and Storeroom.

What Is Starfield Companionway

Starfield Companionway Vs Storeroom
Starfield Companionway Vs Storeroom: Companionway Explained

The Starfield Companionway is an empty container that allows you to connect different modules and also provides the space for you to move around your ship freely and access the other areas without any hindrance.

It comes in various shapes and sizes, and these parameters determine the space usage of your ship and the connectivity compatibility of the module. The Companionway is available in three different dimensions, which are as follows.

  • Deimos Companionway 1×1
  • Deimos Companionway 2×1
  • Deimos Companionway 3×1

Pros And Cons Of Companionway

In Starfield, the Companionway modules come with various advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons of these distinct modules:

Companionway Pros

The module lets players personalize their ship layout and design by interconnecting various modules. It grants access to different sections of the ship, including the cockpit, engine room, cargo bay, and more.

This versatility allows the creation of shortcuts or alternative routes within the ship. Additionally, you have the option to adorn the module with diverse items or furniture, enhancing the ship’s comfort and personalization.

Companionway Cons

While the Companionway modules excel at connecting various ship modules, they don’t offer any additional functions or features. This can be seen as a limitation, especially when compared to other modules available.

The space it occupies on the ship could potentially be utilized for modules that offer greater advantages. Additionally, navigating through a complex network of companionways can pose challenges, leading to confusion or disorientation.

Moreover, the module’s susceptibility to attacks or damage from enemies or hazards introduces a potential risk that you need to consider when designing their ship layout.

What Is Starfield Storeroom

Starfield Companionway Vs Storeroom
Starfield Companionway Vs Storeroom: Storeroom Explained

The Storeroom module exclusively offers storage space to the ship, serving as a dedicated area for storing various items, including food, weapons, materials, armor, and more.

The size and shape of the Storeroom module directly influence its storage capacity and the amount of space it occupies on the ship. In Starfield, the Storeroom module is available in different configurations. These include the following:

  • Nova Galactic All-in-One Berth 2×1 A
  • Nova Galactic Storeroom 1×1

Pros And Cons Of Storeroom

The Storeroom modules also have various advantages on top of a few disadvantages. Continue reading to have a detailed description of the pros and cons of storeroom modules in Starfield.

Storeroom Pros

The Storeroom adds to the storage capacity of the ship and serves as a repository for items that are presently unnecessary or earmarked for future use.

This facilitates you in efficiently overseeing your inventory and arranging items based on categories or types. The storage space can also be fortified with locks or traps to deter theft or unauthorized access from enemies and raiders.

Storeroom Cons

While proficient at storing items, the storeroom module lacks any additional functions or features for the ship. This limitation is a drawback when compared to Companionway modules that offer more diverse benefits and utility.

Additionally, navigating a large collection of items within the Storeroom can pose challenges, making it difficult to find or access specific items efficiently.

The space occupied by the storeroom module could be utilized for other modules that provide greater advantages or serve specific purposes.

Furthermore, storing excessive items in the Storeroom carries risks, as they could be lost or destroyed in the event of damage or destruction to the ship. This risk emphasizes the importance of strategic item management and consideration when utilizing the storeroom module.

Starfield Companionway vs Storeroom – Difference

What is the difference between Starfield Companionway vs Storeroom
Starfield Companionway vs Storeroom: Differences

This section will list the differences between Companionway and Storeroom.

1. Function

Apart from serving as a storage compartment, the Companionway module connects other modules, providing a more reliable linkage.

In contrast, storeroom modules function as containers designed for storing various items. Therefore, Companionway modules offer greater functionality than Storeroom modules.

2. Appearance

The Starfield Storeroom modules present a room-like appearance and are equipped with shelves and crates. Meanwhile, the Companionway modules exhibit a design resembling vacant hallways featuring doors and windows.

So, in terms of appearance, the Storeroom imparts a more room-like ambiance compared to the Companionway and is therefore the better option.

3. Variety

There are two distinct variants of Storeroom modules in the game, whereas Companionway modules are available in three different variations. Consequently, in terms of variety, Companionway modules take the lead on the Storeroom modules.

4. Availability

In Starfield, acquiring Companionway modules is more accessible and economical compared to Storeroom modules. Storeroom modules are rare and expensive, offering fewer purchase options.

The availability of Companionway modules is widespread, as they can be purchased from various vendors throughout the galaxy, making them more readily obtainable in Starfield compared to Storeroom modules.

What Is The Better Choice?

While both the Storeroom and the Companionway have their specific set of functional pros and cons, both are great options and essential on any ship. However, depending on your needs, you should choose the option that best fits your requirements.

If you’re looking for space to store items, the Storeroom modules should be your go-to, while if you’re into organizing your ship and connecting various modules, Companionway modules are your best bet.

This marks the end of our Starfield Companionway Vs Storeroom guide. While you’re at it, make sure to check out our detailed guide, Operation Starseed Starfield Quest: Complete Walkthrough And Guide.

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