The Elder Scrolls Series: How Are Oblivion And Skyrim Different?


If you think about the best RPGs of all time chances are that the first game that will come to your mind will be a title from the Elder Scrolls Series. Every single game in the popular franchise has die-hard fans and some even prefer the older titles to the newer ones. If you want to skip the disappointment that is Elder Scrolls Online then the latest is Skyrim and fans swear it is the best thing since sliced bread.

Another title that has a massive following is the one that was released right before Skyrim. Oblivion has a fan base that loved it so much that they picked it over the newer and arguably improved Skyrim. There are various reasons why the fans of each title prefer one over the other and since favorite is subjective all reasons are valid. Today we will be discussing The Elder Scrolls Series: How Are Oblivion And Skyrim Different?

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How Are Oblivion And Skyrim Different?

While Skyrim is a worthy upgrade released by Bethesda to Oblivion there are several differences between the two titles. These differences are notable enough for fans to want their favorite to be called the best Elder Scrolls game. We will be going over some of the differences between Skyrim and Oblivion below.


The Elder Scrolls Skyrim screenshot
The Elder Scrolls Skyrim screenshot

This is one of the first thing players notice in the game and yet it is an important thing for some but not a dealbreaker for others. Oblivion is a few years older than Skyrim and subsequently doesn’t have the remarkable graphical improvements that can be seen in Skyrim. That is not to say Oblivion does not look good but Skyrim graphics being better is understandable due to it being a newer game.


This is another win for Skyrim since the game upgraded archery and magic substantially. Furthermore, it introduced duel wielding which was loved by fans universally. On the other hand combat in Oblivion always felt lagging so it good that Bethesda addressed and improved the issue on Skyrim.


Most players will agree that the story is the most important aspect of an RPG and can help make the game interesting or boring. While both games have a similar storyline with the world being in peril not both of them manages to grab the attention of players. Skyrim seems to docs too much on having players travel between locations, killing enemies, and learning dragon shouts. While Oblivion had the player finding and protecting the heir, closing Oblivion gates, joining a Daedric cult, and much more.

Character Creation

The Elder Scrolls Oblivion screenshot
The Elder Scrolls Oblivion screenshot

This is another part of the game that Skrim upgraded significantly compared to Oblivion. The characters in Skyrim have more realistic skin tones, scars, and tattoos to make them feel more intimate. 


While the in-game worlds of both Skyrim and Oblivion have much to offer to players, which is better is too subjective. In any good RPG, it is important that players be able to explore the world without having a clear objective sometimes and both games offer that.


Joining factions is a very important part of the Elder Scrolls games as it offers the player many benefits. However, this is something Skyrim missed the mark with completely. Whether you compare the college of Winterhold of Skyrim with the Mage Guild of Oblivion or the dark brotherhood of the two games, you will notice the satisfaction achieved in Oblivion was not found in Skyrim. The thieves guild quest line fell off and there was barely any mention of the Gray Fox. Furthermore, the arena quest line was completely removed from Skyrim.

With this we reach an end to The Elder Scrolls Series: How Are Oblivion And Skyrim Different? We went over the main differences and reasons why fans debate between the two titles. Now you should have enough information to make your decision. So stop wasting time and pick up the controller and do let us know in the comments which Elder Scrolls title you have selected. In the meantime, check out How To Play The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time On PC.

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