When Is Helldivers 2 Coming To Xbox Series X and S?

When Is Helldivers 2 Coming To Xbox Series
When Is Helldivers 2 Coming To Xbox Series

Helldivers 2 has seen great success in the few days it has been out, despite coming from an IP that has been dormant for years now. With that being said, it isn’t like the game doesn’t have any backing at all, as it’s published by Sony, and therefore, it’s expected for it to do good. However, certain exceptions have been made with Helldivers 2.

You see, Helldivers 2 is the first Sony first-party game to launch on PC and PS5 on day one, something that has never happened before. With this special occasion, many potential players are now wondering if the game might make its way to Sony’s competitor, Xbox’s consoles, and that’s what we’re here to dive into today.

So, if you’re also one of the many who has been wondering whether or not Helldivers 2 will come to Xbox, we have you covered.

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Why Didn’t Helldivers 2 Come To Xbox?

Another planet in Helldivers 2
Another planet in Helldivers 2

Before anything, it’s crucial to answer the question of why Helldivers 2 didn’t come to Xbox Series X and S in the first place. While the developers of Helldivers 2 are the Arrowhead Game Studios, the developers of the game is one Sony Interactive Entertainment. That’s right, the company that literally owns PlayStation.

While Sony has indeed been taking steps to release more games on other platforms, specifically on the PC, no first-party Sony game has been released on the Xbox in a while, and Helldivers 2 seems to be no different.

As a matter of fact, extremely popular games like The Last of Us series and the Uncharted series have both never been released on any console that doesn’t have PlayStation in its name, making many wonder if Helldivers 2 will be the rare exception.

Will Helldivers 2 Be Released On Xbox?

Enemies in Helldivers 2
Enemies in Helldivers 2

Answering the question right from the get-go, there hasn’t been any official announcement of whether Helldivers 2 will be released on Xbox platforms. If we had to speculate, however, then we’d say that while it’s unlikely for Helldivers 2 to come to Xbox Series X/S, it would definitely be a good idea.

After all, when you think about it, most of Helldiver 2’s success is thanks to it being a live-action game. The highlight of such a game is that you’re able to play with and against players while communicating with them and working together to conquer missions.

By bringing the game to Xbox consoles, it would increase the overall player base by a lot, as more players would get access to the game. Therefore, more players to play with for existing players.

Did Helldivers Release On Xbox?

If you’re wondering whether or not the first Helldivers ever released on an Xbox console, we’re sad to tell you that it didn’t. Despite being released in 2015, the game was released on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. It was also released on Windows, allowing PC players to play the game too, but it never graced a single Xbox console.

Another thing to note is that the original Helldivers was significantly different when compared to Helldivers 2. The game had a top-down point-of-view as opposed to the third person shooter that is its sequel. The first Helldivers also didn’t see nearly as much success as its sequel is seeing, so basing your theory of Helldivers 2 never coming to Xbox on the fact that the first one never did might be the wrong way to go.

After all, as we mentioned above, Helldivers 2 is an exception thanks to its high player base. It’s this sort of exception that also has players wondering if a game like Palworld would be released on other platforms, as it’s only playable on the Xbox and PC.

When Will Helldivers 2 Come To Xbox?

Crashing spaceship in Helldivers 2
Crashing spaceship in Helldivers 2

Finally, if Helldivers 2 does, by some miracle, get confirmed to be released on Xbox, when will the release be? Well, Helldivers 2 is currently at the top of its game, with new players pouring in every day. Therefore, theoretically speaking, the best time to release Helldivers 2 on a different platform would be now if not for one teensy weenie thing.

That’s right, the servers continue to get overloaded thanks to the insanely high number of players playing the game. The developers have also issued a statement stating that the reason the game has been getting so many server-related problems is that they weren’t expecting the game to be such a hit. If anything, this will teach them to never underestimate a game, especially one backed by Sony.

Because of this, the best time to release Helldivers 2 on Xbox now will be as soon as the server capacity is increased so it’s able to accommodate more players without crashing all the time.

Will Helldivers 2 Come To Nintendo Switch?

Helldivers 2 gameplay
Helldivers 2 gameplay

Since we’ve gone through the Xbox release for Helldivers 2, how about quickly answering the question of whether or not Helldivers 2 will be released on the Nintendo Switch? The short answer is no. The Switch might be a modern console in name, but it’s significantly weaker than the PlayStation and Xbox consoles, making it VERY unlikely that Helldivers 2 will run on it.

With that being said, there are rumors of a Switch 2 on the horizon, and if the rumored Nintendo Direct does end up announcing it for a relatively recent release, then who knows, Helldivers 2 might eventually make its way to the Switch 2 before the insane hype behind the game dies down.

Until that happens, however, the only way for you to play Helldivers 2 portably without having to stream it is by getting it on the Switch Deck. 

This concludes everything you need to know about Helldivers 2 coming to Xbox. Because there’s no confirmation that the game will be released on Microsoft’s home consoles, we recommend you try playing the game on a platform it’s available on before the hype dies down. After getting it, we also recommend you check out The Best Sim Racing Games Ranked.

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