Top Hardest Elden Ring Bosses

Elden Ring has become widely popular among the masses especially due to the exploration mechanism of the game. The success has even made the developer FromSoftware work on a new DLC that will be released later this year.

However, the most important thing in Elden Ring, like other games, is the bosses and being able to defeat them. Today we will be discussing the 5 Top Hardest Elden Ring Bosses. Continue reading as we go over their strengths and weaknesses to better prepare you to fight them.

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5 Top Hardest Elden Ring Bosses

Elden Ring boss art
Elden Ring key art

While there are several bosses in Elden Ring and each has its strengths and weaknesses we will be discussing the 5 Top Hardest Elden Ring Bosses.

The Beast Clergyman/Mliketh

While the Beast Clergyman is quite simple to defeat, once he transforms into Maliketh it is another story altogether. Maliketh has power hits that can kill a player within a single hit and players need to pay close attention to be able to dodge them.

The main issue with Maliketh is his movement which has no pattern and can surprise the players easily. While players can use the arena and dodge attacks it is more difficult to manage to land a hit on Maliketh. Maliketh being a required boss to the main storyline makes it hard for some players to finish the game at all.


Radagon is the final boss of the game and the fighting is an intense and perfect ending to the story. While the boss fights with a mix of ranged and melee attacks, his most powerful move is his grab. Once the players adapt to his fighting style and defeat him, the Elden Beast will take his place.

As the second boss shows up instantly there is no respite and they players fight with their remaining health. Furthermore, the beast does not stay still so it is hard to land a hit. If you manage to hit it, aim for the glowing center.

Godskin Duo

With the Godskin Duo, the player must fight Godskin Apostle and Godskin Noble simultaneously and they are the roughest dual boss the player will fight. Both of them have their own health bars and a shared health bar, the player must deplete the shared health bar to defeat the duo. If the player only manages to deplete one of their single health bars that will be futile as they will be instantly revived.

The mechanism is hard to get used to and it is easy to be defeated by the duo before the layer adapts and uses a different fighting style. The Godskin Apostle uses an agile attack like blade strikes and Black Flame incantations. While the Godskin Noble is also very agile and attacks using a rapier and Black Flame incantations.

Starscourge Radahn

Elden Ring gameplay
Elden Ring gameplay

Starcourge Radahn is so powerful that it is close to impossible to figure out a strategy to beat him and survive his attacks at the same time. The biggest obstacle the player faces is that Starcourage Radahn uses long-range attacks and if his arrows hit the player he can kill with a single hit from miles away. While his ranged attacks are so powerful his melee combos are no joke either.

If that wasn’t enough to make new players weary once Starscourage Radahn is in his second phase he turns into a meteor and crashes down on players. The biggest challenge the player faces is his surprise attack which makes it hard to attack him before he starts the fight.


The hardest boss in Elden Ring is one the most debatable topics of fans but the majority will accept that Malenia is the hardest to beat. She even says that she has never faced defeat and once she attacks and kills the player in a single move her words are proven true. Along with her battle powers she has the ability to heal herself with every successful hit.

If those weren’t enough her lightning-fast reflexes made it close to impossible to successfully land a hit. Once she unlocks her wings in her second phase her damage increases and she becomes more fluid. To defeat her it is a must to have a constantly full health bar and use patience as opposed to emotions.

With this, we reach an end to our Top Hardest Elden Ring Bosses guide. We discussed the 5 Top Hardest Elden Ring Bosses and went over some of their strengths and weaknesses. Do let us know in the comments which boss you think is the hardest in the game. In the meantime, do check out Star Wars Outlaws Release Date And Platforms.

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