Minecraft Bedrock: 7 Best Death Messages

It would be very rare to find any decent gamer who has not heard of Minecraft, one of the most famous games ever. In fact the game is so famous that other games try to use references in part for nostalgia and also to relate with fans of Minecraft. For instance, Infinite Craft which has literally infinite creatable recipes has the possibility to craft Minecraft.

Minecraft has certain small nuances that are very special for the fans and make their gameplay experience even better, For example, the game even incorporates unique messages that are displayed on the different ways players can die. The messages adapt as per the situation on the demise of the player. 

Some are for simple deaths and that shows in the message, while others are more interesting due to the special nature or rarity of the situation involved in the player’s death. Today we will be listing the 7 best death messages in Minecraft Bedrock.

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7 Best Death Messages In Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft Screenshot
Minecraft Screenshot

There are many different and unique death messages in Minecraft due to the various scenarios that can be the cause of the player’s death. We will be listing the ones we find to be the best. So continue reading for our 7 best death messages in Minecraft Bedrock.

Player was pricked to death

This message is displayed when a player meets their demise at the thorn of a cactus. While the death itself is more humorous than sad due to the cactus being the root cause, it is still an interesting death message in the game and hence, is a part of our list.

Player experienced kinetic energy

You will be shown this message if you meet your demise while flying with Elytra on and hit a wall. While the death experience is more plausible than the previous instance, the message still has some shades of humor in it that players love.

Player was squashed by a falling anvil

Minecraft Cover Art
Minecraft Cover Art

This message is pretty self-explanatory as there is only one situation where the game can display the text of a player dying due to an anvil. In addition, the anvil falling on a player’s head has enough force to kill so this message is more literal than funny.

Player tried to swim in lava

I do not know many players who would get this message since most don’t want to die on purpose. However, some players like to explore all parts of the game so it is possible that they decided to venture into the lava which resulted in their character’s doom.

Player starved to death

Another message that is more realistic than comedic pops up when players die due to not eating. However, players need to play at hard difficulty to be able to see this message and their health bar needs to hit zero.

Player fell out of the world

I would not think this message needs any explanation as out of the world in Minecraft means being below Y=0. Yet it is an interesting way to go out of the world quite literally and the message is literal but funny as well.

Player drowned

We will end this list with a simple message displayed due to the death of the player by a simple incident. If a player is swimming and runs out of air then the death will be caused by drowning. This cause of death brings up a literal message that has no humor or any other themes involved. The game literally tells you the player drowned.

With this, we reach an conclusion to the 7 best death messages in Minecraft Bedrock. We shared messages for simple deaths like hitting a wall while flying. We also shared unique scenarios such as touching a cactus that displays a unique death message. Do let us know in the comments which death message is your favorite. In the meantime, check out WoW Classic SoD Hunter Talents Builds.

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