Infinite Craft – How to Make a Goldfish

Infinite Craft - How to Make a Goldfish
Infinite Craft - How to Make a Goldfish

The past few years have introduced various games, but Infinite Craft is unique. While most other popular games nowadays boast things like great graphics or entertaining multiplayer experiences, Infinite Craft goes a different route by being a single-player sandbox title, which lets everyone be creative and make anything as long as they know how.

The Neal Agarwal-developed game has you mix elements to make new elements, which you can use to make more things. There aren’t any objectives in the game except trying to create a specific object. You start the game with Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind, and after combining and mixing, you can make almost anything, even Minecraft!

In this article, we’ll make a Goldfish, which can take some time if you don’t know what to do. We’ll also discuss how to make the ingredients needed to make a Goldfish.

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Making a Goldfish in Infinite Craft

You can make Goldfish in infinite ways in Infinite Craft, but the techniques and methods we’ll discuss will make it easier. You only need Fire and a Fishbowl to make a Goldfish, or you can mix a Gold Ingot with Seaweed. In this guide, we’ll look at various ways to make a Fishbowl since it’s more straightforward to follow!

How to make a Fishbowl in Infinite Craft

Fishbowl in Infinite Craft
Fishbowl in Infinite Craft

We’ll go through this step-by-step so it’s easy to follow.

As we mentioned, you’ll need to make a Fishbowl if you want to make a Goldfish in Infinite Craft, so what you must do is:

  1. Mix Water and Water so we get a Lake
  2. Keep adding Water to the Lake so we get an Ocean.
  3. Add even MORE Water to the Ocean. That way, we’ll get a Fish.
  4. Now surround the Fish with Water until we make a Fishbowl.

And that’s pretty much it! You’ve made a Fishbowl!

Making a Goldfish

As we mentioned earlier, all that’s left for you to do is mix the Fishbowl with Fire. Once you’ve done that, you’ve got your Goldfish! You can now use the Goldfish to make other things in the game. If you can’t find your ingredients, look for their icon and name on the right, or just write it down in the text box on the down-right corner of the screen so you can find it.

An Alternate way to make Goldfish in Infinite

If you want to look at another way to make a Goldfish in Infinite Craft, you can try this method. This new technique will give you extra ingredients to work with, so you can use them later for whatever you want. So, to make a Goldfish, follow these steps:

  1. Combine Earth and Wind to make Dust
  2. Combine Fire and Water to make Steam
  3. Combine Dust and Earth to make a Planet
  4. Combine Water and Water to make a Lake
  5. Combine Planet and Steam to make Steampunk
  6. Combine Lake and Water to make an Ocean
  7. Combine Ocean and Steampunk to make a Steampunk Pirate
  8. Combine Earth and Water to make a Plant
  9. Combine Plant and Steampunk Pirate to make a Steampunk Plant
  10. Combine Fire and Wind to make Smoke
  11. Combine Smoke and a Steampunk Plant to make a Steampunk Tree
  12. Combine Dust and Water to make Mud
  13. Combine Mud and Steampunk Tree to make a Swamp
  14. Combine Dust and Plant to make Pollen
  15. Combine Plant and Swamp to make a Venus Flytrap
  16. Combine Ocean and Pollen to make Coral
  17. Combine Coral and Venus Flytrap to make a Coral Reef
  18. Combine Coral Reef and Steam to make a Fish
  19. Combine Fish and Water to make a Fishbowl
  20. Combine Fire and Fishbowl to make a Goldfish

The way above is a much longer method to make a Goldfish in Infinite Craft, but through this, you’ll have more ingredients at your disposal! 

And that’s all it takes to make a Goldfish in Infinite Craft! You can use the Goldfish to make even more things, like God itself, by combining Goldfish with the Universe!

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