How to Collect Essence Of Aether Sample Locations in MW3 Zombies [Complete Guide]

Essence of Aether in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is a challenge you will encounter once you’ve reached Act 2 in the Zombies Mode. During this challenge, your objective is to discover three Essence Sample locations and collect three of them placed in a closed container.

Doing so, will not only complete the challenge but also give you promising upgrades for your journey ahead. However, while all this looks so simple, it’s not, as the MW3 map doesn’t specify locations in Urzikstan where you can get these Essence Samples. Discovering the whole world can be a tedious job to do so, thus here’s a comprehensive guide on all three Essence Sample Locations.

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Modern Warfare 3: Essence of Aether Mission Complete Walkthrough

Essence of Aether
MW3 Zombies: Essence of Aether Mission
Essence of Aether Mission in MW3, requires players to collect three Essence Samples. These Essence Samples are enclosed in a canister, and unfortunately, there’s no icon on the map displaying these locations.

Below, we have pinpointed all three Essence Sample Locations where you will find the containers within which these Essence Samples are placed. These locations are not random, and remain the same, therefore you can visit them anytime to collect the desired Essence Samples.

1. Essence Sample Locations: Hadiqa Farms

Essence Sample Locations
Essence Sample Locations: Hadiqa Farms

The first Essence Sample location is towards the right of the map, in the Hamza Bazaar which is exactly in the south of the Hadiqa Farms. Reaching the location, you’ll see two large buildings. Pass between these buildings and enter the small room you will see. Inside the room, towards your right, you will find a small container from which you can collect your first Essence Sample.

2. Essence Sample Locations: Zaravan City

Zaravan City
Essence Sample Locations: Zaravan City

The second Essence Sample location is at the Quadri shopping center at Zaravan City on the left-hand side of the map. In the area, you will see a building, as highlighted in the image below. Inside the building, the Essence Sample container is placed on the counter next to the cash register. Go ahead and click the sample, and at the top right corner, you will see the progress in the Essence of Aether mission.

3. Essence Sample Location: Levin Resort

Levin Resort
Essence Sample Location: Levin Resort

For the third Essence Sample location, head towards the top left corner of the back towards the Restova Shops located beside the Levin Resort in the Tier 2 zone. Here, you will find a large building as indicated by the map image attached above.

On the bottom floor, head toward the back wall near the corner, and here you will see the container sitting on the desk. Go ahead and click on it, to collect the final Essence Sample for your Essence of Aether mission in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies mode.


Essence of Aether Mission: Rewards

Once, you have collected all three Essence Samples, towards the left of your screen you will see all checklists marked, and thus you can move forward in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies mode. Along with the progression in the game, here are the benefits you will acquire by completing the Essence of Aether mission:

  • 2000 XP
  • Speed Cola Can

Using the Speed Cola Can, you can boost your character’s reload speed as well as use armor plates much faster. This is of great importance when you are surrounded by a group of Zombies.

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