Monopoly GO – All Prize Leap Rewards and Milestones

Monopoly GO - All Prize Leap Rewards and Milestones
Monopoly GO - All Prize Leap Rewards and Milestones

Monopoly GO is no stranger to events, and currently, it has one titled Prize Leep! This event is a great opportunity to boost your resources, climb the leaderboard, and earn valuable in-game items by playing the game.

In this guide, we’ll discuss everything about Monopoly GO. What the event is, what rewards you can earn, and how long the event will last!

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What is Monopoly GO?

Let’s start with what the game is. Monopoly GO is a mobile game based on the board game, where you and other players will go against each other to collect properties, make houses and hotels, and end up with the most money. The mobile version brings back locations from the original board, giving everyone a portable experience of Monopoly.

What is Prize Leap?

Monopoly Prize Leap
Monopoly Prize Leap

Prize Leap is an event that provides numerous rewards, like Sticker Packs, Dice Rolls, and even Cash. It can also let you unlock various in-game boosters like Rent Frenzy, High Roller, and Cash Boost, so try to open up your Sticker Vaults when you have the boost enabled.  Like other events, you’ll have to earn points to reach milestones and unlock rewards.

All Prize Leap rewards in Monopoly GO

Let’s discuss all the rewards you can obtain in Monopoly GO now! Here’s a complete list of rewards and milestones for the Prize Leap event:

  1. 5 Event Points: 15 Free Dice Rolls
  2. 10 Event Points: Cash
  3. 15 Event Points: 1-Star Green Sticker Pack
  4. 80 Event Points: 120 Free Dice Rolls
  5. 16 Event Points: Cash
  6. 20 Event Points: 1-Star Green Sticker Pack
  7. 25 Event Points: 10-Minute Rent Frenzy Boost
  8. 180 Event Points: 225 Free Dice Rolls
  9. 30 Event Points: 10-Minute Cash Grab Boost
  10. 35 Event Points: 1-Star Green Sticker Pack
  11. 40 Event Points: 60 Free Dice Rolls
  12. 50 Event Points: Cash
  13. 300 Event Points: 350 Free Dice Rolls 
  14. 55 Event Points: Cash
  15. 50 Event Points: 5-Minute Cash Boost
  16. 60 Event Points: Cash
  17. 70 Event Points: 2-Star Yellow Sticker Pack
  18. 600 Event Points: 700 Free Dice Rolls
  19. 70 Event Points: Cash
  20. 80 Event Points: 3-Star Pink Sticker Pack
  21. 100 Event Points: Cash
  22. 1200 Event Points: 1100 Free Dice Rolls
  23. 150 Event Points: 15-Minute High Roller Boost
  24. 140 Event Points: Cash
  25. 175 Event Points: 160 Free Dice Rolls
  26. 850 Event Points: Cash
  27. 200 Event Points: 4-Star Blue Sticker Pack
  28. 300 Event Points: 250 Free Dice Rolls
  29. 350 Event Points: Cash
  30. 1600 Event Points: 5-Star Purple Sticker Pack
  31. 500 Event Points: Cash
  32. 600 Event Points: 4-Star Blue Sticker Pack
  33. 400 Event Points: 10-Minute Cash Boost
  34. 800 Event Points: Cash
  35. 2500 Event Points: 2000 Free Dice Rolls
  36. 1000 Event Points: 5-Star Purple Sticker Pack
  37. 800 Event Points: 20-Minute High Roller Boost
  38. 1100 Event Points: Cash
  39. 2200 Event Points: Cash
  40. 1300 Event Points: 850 Free Dice Rolls
  41. 2000 Event Points: 5-Star Purple Sticker Pack
  42. 1400 Event Points: Cash
  43. 6000 Event Points: 6500 Free Dice Rolls & 5-Star Purple Sticker Pack

That’s the entire list! If you reach all of the milestones in the event, you can get about 12,000 Free Dice Rolls. Not only that, but you can get 35 minutes worth of High Roller Boosts, which is five minutes more than usual.

How long will the Prize Leap event last in Monopoly GO?

The Prize Leap event in Monopoly GO starts on the 27th of February (12 pm PT) and will continue for three days, meaning it’ll end on March 1st, 2024.

How can you Get Points in Prize Leap in Monopoly GO?

The thing is that there are numerous ways to get points in the new Event. You must land on one of the four corner titles of the board, aka, you need to land on The Beginning of the Board (GO) tile, the ‘Just Visiting’ in Jail tile, the Free Parking tile, or the ‘Go to Jail’ tile. One thing you can do to increase your points is by having a higher Dice multiplier before landing on them.

And that’s all you need to know about Prize Leap in Monopoly GO! We hope you get all the rewards you want and have a great time.

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