Starfield Rokov In Or Out: Best Choice Explained

Starfield Rokov In Or Out
Starfield Rokov In Or Out: Best Choice Explained

The Breaking the Bank quest in Starfield will unfold as an exploration into the corruption and clandestine dealings of the Crimson Fleet. Your choices in the quest will determine the outcomes; therefore, it is essential to know how to engage with every NPC  for the best outcome.

In the quest, you will cross paths with a former UC commander who has defected to the Crimson Fleet, Evgeny Rokov. He will play a key role in the quest as he holds crucial information to expose the secrets of the Crimson Fleet.

However, depending on your decisions, he can become an ally or turn into an enemy. This guide will explain the Starfield Rokov In Or Out choice and the consequences for each choice.

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Evgeny Rokov In Starfield

Starfield Rokov
Starfield Evgeny Rokov

In Starfield, Evgeny Rokov is an NPC whose journey unfolds as a former UC commander turned defector to the Crimson Fleet. He held a position of respect and trust within the UCS Navy.

However, he was disenchanted with the corruption and political intricacies of the system and turned into a  defector. Now, his allegiance lies with Admiral Kryx Carter, the leader of the Crimson Fleet, enticed by promises of freedom and power.

Rokov now holds the status of Carter’s most devoted lieutenants and is the commander of a formidable group named The Reckoners, comprising fighters and hackers alike.

He is involved in a spectrum of covert activities on behalf of Carter, including contraband smuggling, data slate theft, corporate blackmail, and targeted assassinations.

Furthermore, he is drenched in self-interest now, only trusts Carter and his crew, and doesn’t have any regard for individuals beyond these inner circles.

You will encounter this complex character in the Breaking the Bank quest, and your interactions with him will shape whether he becomes an ally or a formidable enemy.

How To Gather Evidence On Evgeny Rokov

In Starfield, when it comes to acquiring evidence on Evgeny Rokov, you can engage with various individuals familiar with him or possess information about his background.

Additionally, you can use your scanner or employ dialogue options to inquire or comment, unveiling potential leads to new clues or witnesses. Simply follow these steps to gather evidence against him.

1. Talk To Gabriel Vera

Starfield Rokov In Or Out: Gabriel Vera
Starfield Rokov In Or Out: Talk to Gabriel Vera

Gabriel Vera is a UC cop in Starfiled who has plans to scam GalBank with Klaudia. Additionally, he can provide you with evidence on Rokov, but convincing him to discuss the details is complex, and you will require high persuasion skills.

Gabriel’s cabin contains evidence on Rokov, and once you have successfully convinced him, he will reveal information about his relationship with Rokov and how they were involved in the scheme as UC commanders.

2. Search The Captain’s Room

There is evidence against Rokov found inside the Caption’s room. Therefore, you need to search his room to gather that evidence. However, in order to enter the room, you will have to use your hacking or lock-picking skills.

Starfield Rokov In Or Out: Captain’s Room
Starfield Rokov In Or Out: How to enter the Captain’s Room in Starfiled

The data slate containing information on Rokov can be found next to the bed inside the Captain’s Room.

3. Talk To Levi Debrofsky

You can talk to Levi Debrofsky to obtain evidence related to the Rokov fraud scheme. This conversation with Levi will provide insights into his relationship with Rokov.

Additionally, you can amass evidence on Rokov by engaging in conversations with various NPCs to gather clues, as some of them possess valuable information or perspectives on Rokov.

Starfield Rokov In Or Out Choice

In Starfield, the Breaking the Bank quest will present you with two choices for Rokov. You can either choose In and decide not to reveal his true identity or alternatively, you can choose Out to expose him.

Choice #1: In – Vouch For Rokov

You can choose the IN option to vouch for Rokov and keep his identity a secret. This choice will have you convince the UCS officer that Rokov is neither a traitor nor a criminal.

This choice will reward you with credits or reputation points. However, importantly, you will gain Rokov’s trust and the respect of The Reckoners. This will help you get unique items and quests from them in the future.

Choice #2: Out – Expose Rokov

Alternatively, you can choose the OUT option and reveal his identity and secret deeds. If you choose this option, you will have to turn in Rokov to the UCS officer.

You will get credits and reputation points for this choice, but you will lose any chance of allying with The Reckoners in the future and will not get any quests from them.

Starfield Rokov In Or Out: Best Choice

In my opinion, choice In is the best option in the given scenario because by choosing to vouch for Rokov, you not only convince the UCS officer that he is not a traitor or criminal but also gain significant advantages. This includes earning the trust of both Rokov and his crew, in addition to acquiring unique items and unlocking additional quests.

This concludes our guide on the Starfield Rokov In Or Out choice. However, if you’re having issues running Starfiled on your PC or are interested in running the game better on your system, be sure to explore our detailed guide: How To Make Starfield Run Better On PC [Complete Guide].

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