Monopoly GO Galactic Treasures Rewards And Milestones

Monopoly GO Galactic Treasures Rewards And Milestones
Monopoly GO Galactic Treasures Rewards And Milestones

Similar to the tabletop game, Monopoly GO also focuses on the players turning into rich tycoons by trading real estate. In Monopoly GO, a fundamental method by which players can win Dice Rolls, Cash, and much more is by participating in tournaments and Mini-Games. Winning in them can be very beneficial for players and their journey to becoming the richest Monopoly star. 

Recently many players participated in the Monopoly Space Repairs Tournament and won up to 4,000 Dice Rolls, depending on their points and rank, and many other different rewards. If you failed to participate in the Monopoly Space Repairs Tournament, you don’t want to miss out on the most recent Mini-Game Monopoly GO Galactic Treasures in which the players hunt for treasures.

We will discuss the latest Mini-Game, Galactic Treasures, and explain a strategy highlighting how you should play to increase your chances of hitting treasure and maximizing the rewards you earn. In addition, we will be listing all the Monopoly GO Galactic Treasure Rewards And Milestones that you can win.

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What Is The Galactic Treasures Mini-Game?

Monopoly GO cover art
Monopoly GO cover art

When one first opens the Galactic Treasures Mini-Game, it would not be surprising if you mistake it for a space exploration game. That is how this latest Monopoly GO Mini-Game is themed and players have to excavate space rocks to get rewards. Unlike previous Mini-Games, in Galactic Treasures you can also use Laser Guns instead of just Pickaxe tokens to dig up treasures.

Mainly the treasures you can dig up in this Mini-Game are purely luck, there is a strategy to ensure a better chance at getting something valuable. Instead of randomly smashing rocks and giving importance to quantity, players should plan smartly. For example, if you find differently shaped tiles that you can smash, it is wiser to smash the bigger shapes as they have enough space to contain treasure. 

On the other hand, rocks that are smaller in size are unlikely to have anything of value in them. On the contrary, many small rocks have nothing in them, and smashing them will only serve to waste your already-limited time.

How To Earn Rewards In Galactic Treasures?

As is the norm with Monopoly Mini-Games, you can earn rewards by reaching milestones. By reaching each rank, you will unlock the reward for that particular milestone. There is a huge list of rewards that are available for players to earn on every different rank of milestones. 

By reaching the highest milestone on the Galactic Treasures Mini-Game players can earn a significant amount of Cash, Free Dice Rolls, and Sticker Packs. Fortunately, it isn’t as though it’s necessary for you to acquire every reward, as only reaching certain milestones is also acceptable and will result in you getting your hard-earned rewards.

Monopoly GO Galactic Treasures Mini-Game Rewards And Milestones

Monopoly GO man and dog
Monopoly GO man and dog

The table below lists all the Monopoly GO Galactic Treasures Mini-Game Rewards based on the different ranking of milestones you can acquire. The more milestones you reach the more rewards you will get and the better the items will be.

Milestone Rewards
1 25 Dice Rolls
2 Cash
3 75 Dice Rolls
4 Cash, 200 Dice Rolls, Sticker Pack
5 Cash
6 150 Dice Rolls
7 Cash
8 200 Dice Rolls
9 Cash, 400 Dice Rolls, 10 Pickaxe Tokens
10 Sticker Pack
11 300 Dice Rolls
12 Cash
13 500 Dice Rolls, 30 Minute Sticker Boom, Star Capsule Shield
14 Sticker Pack
15 350 Dice Rolls
16 UFO Board Token
17 400 Dice Rolls
18 15 Pickaxe Tokens
19 Cash
20 Cash, 2,500 Dice Rolls, Sticker


This concludes everything we currently know about the Monopoly GO Galactic Treasures Mini-Game. We have listed all the Dice Roll, Cash, Sticker Packs, and other rewards players can win by meeting milestones. In addition, we have also mentioned a strategy to better play the Mini-Game and increase the odds of getting a treasure. For more from GamingFlaws, be sure to check out Helldivers 2 Reinforce Code: How To Revive Teammates.

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