MW3 Patch Notes Today: All The New Changes [Equipment, Maps, Weapons, Bugs, Modes]

MW3 Patch Notes Today

The Call of Duty is the new talk of the town as there is a new update to the game for which the fans are super excited. The developers are launching a new season for the game called ‘Season 1 Reloaded’. This map will have new guns, various maps that players can roam around, and many other MW3 patch notes today.

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MW3 Patch Notes Today

The game has removed all the issues and bugs that were hindering the players from enjoying the game. It has further improved the multiplayer gameplay for you to have a full battlefield experience. Call of Duty has also nerfed the gun, MTZ Interceptor Marksman as it was considered an overpowered weapon in the Modern Warfare 3.

The issue related to the gunsmith was also resolved by the developers. Some of the main issues and updates in the latest MW3 patch notes today are mentioned below in detail so give all of these issues a thorough read.

MW3 Patch Notes Today
MW3 Updates in the game

Modern Warfare 3 has made some changes to 2 new maps which are Greece and Meat. Apart from this, a brand-new map is being introduced for a 6v6 match against players. This map will be called Rio and it will be part of the multiplayer mode. This map will also include the inclusion of two new weapons which are HRM-9 SMG and the TAQ Evolvere LMG.

The developers of the game have also fixed a lot of bugs that were making players have trouble in certain areas of the game. This issue has been solved by the introduction of the viewing after-action report and the conversion kits of weapons.

Modern Warfare 3 has also made some changes to 6 of their maps as a lot of players complained about some good hiding spots in those maps. The developers have cleared all such spots to avoid any kind of unfair advantage to the players. It also included the spawn locations as some of the players received some advantages due to their spawning position that was changed later on.

The only gun that was nerfed instead of getting some advantage is the MTZ Interceptor Marksman. Along with this, the game has brought the introduction of A-Train and Firecracker from “The Boys.”

All MW3 patch notes today

All the latest updates in the Modern Warfare 3 are mentioned below and each one has made the game much better than before.

Fixing the Bugs

  • The game has solved the issue for players who faced issues while logging in to the multiplayer mode as the mode repeatedly crashed. This caused the player to exit the multiplayer mode.
  • MW3 patch notes today have included viewing after action report which gives an update to players about what is being done to handle their issue.
  • You can now see the revised attachment descriptions in the game which makes you more accurately convey the actual impacts.
  • The Gunsmith bug is also resolved as a different gun appears on the screen when you choose another weapon in MW3 patch notes today.
  • Issue related to the unlocking challenge of Dual Kamas has also been fixed.
  • Another problem about the attachments not being fitted on the weapons when selected was dealt with and is now fixed.
  • Players got stuck in Gulaj at times and this issue was reported several times by the fans but it is finally fixed.
MW3 Patch Notes Today
MW3 changes about maps, weapons and fixing bugs

Maps in Modern Warfare 3

  • Afghan: The developers expanded the spawn points for the selection of spawn in Team Deathmatch and Domination in MW3 patch notes today.
  • Invasion: MW3 has improved the Operator lighting to address visibility issues in some of the areas. It has also provided some tweaked spawns to avoid unnecessary flips when the Bus Station capture point (P3) is active in the Hardpoint.
  • Meat: The spawns are changed to prevent the players in the Garage from immediately killing enemies upon respawning as this does not provide a fair chance for other players.
  • Rust: The game has enhanced consistency in spawn quality which ensures that players from all ranking play together to make the gaming experience of the players much better.
  • Sporeyard: The issue where players could get stuck after respawning in Storage is finally solved with this update.
  • Terminal: The game has changed the adjustments to spawn points near Security to eliminate unfavorable conditions in Team Deathmatch and Domination. This way, equal opportunities will be provided to every player and only the ones with skills will be able to win through the rounds.

All the Weapons

  • AMR9: The JAK Ettin one with the double barrel Kit is now available for use when players have unlocked the weapon in MW3 patch notes today.
  • WSP-9: The hybrid Optic Attachments are no longer compatible for use as they were not liked much by the fans.
  • TYR: The JAK Beholder Rifle Kit Attachment can now be equipped when players finally unlock the weapon.
  • MTZ Interceptor: The maximum damage has decreased to 85 from 95 and the minimum damage has decreased to 78 from 84.
  • Aether Blade: The game has resolved a problem where players will lose their Aether Blade if they throw it at a Harvester Orb.
  • Ammunition cache: Modern Warfare 3 has closed a duplication exploit that was linked to Ammo Caches.
MW3 Patch Notes Today
Recent changes to Modern Warfare 3

Weekly Challenge in MW3 patch notes today

  • An issue appeared with the challenge that required you to destroy a vehicle with a weapon. The issue stopped players from tracking, but it is now resolved, and players can complete the weapon if they perform to complete it.
  • A problem arose in the areas of Urzikstan and the Dark Aether Rift players faced inconsistency about the maximum ammunition in MW3 patch notes today.

Equipment in Modern Warfare 3

  • Scatter Mine Adjustment: Explosive damage has been lowered to 1 to eliminate lethality in Hardcore Modes.
  • Turret: You can see the new adjusted position turret and it will no longer result in unintended increased vulnerability to incoming damage.

Modes in MW3 patch notes today

  • Gun Game: The game has eliminated a placeholder image present in the Stats tab of the Scoreboard.
  • Operation Spearhead: The Loadout Drop will no longer destroy the tank, preventing a stalemate. This has been the new introduction to Modern Warfare 3.
MW3 Patch Notes Today
Patch Notes Updates

MW3 patch notes today Progression

  • MW3 developers have fixed the displayed unlock requirements for the equipment called Throwing Star.
  • The rectified display has been unlocked for the requirements of various Attachments.
  • The game has addressed a spelling error in the Kingslayer Kills Challenge in MW3 Patch Notes Today.
  • Lastly, the daily bonus challenge completions will now display correctly in the Notifications tray that will eliminate the issue, ‘Challenge Name Missing’.

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