All heartfelt holidays event Rewards in monopoly go free [Earn Token Points Complete Guide]

Monopoly Go Heartfelt Holidays Event is the first Christmas base event of the Special holiday season. Replacing the Uncharted Adventures, the Heartfelt season went live on 1st December and will stay till 9 am ET on 4th December 2023. Along with the number of milestones you need to complete and the rewards you achieve, the major objective of this season is to collect stickers for the new album. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss in detail all the milestones you need to complete in the Monopoly Go Heartfelt Holidays Event and the promising rewards for these milestones.

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Monopoly Go Heartfelt Holidays Event [Walkthrough]

Heartfelt Holidays
Monopoly Go Heartfelt Holidays Event

The Monopoly Go Heartfelt Holidays Event is currently live, and all of you who have made it to Board 5 will automatically find yourself as a part of the event. This event designed to celebrate the upcoming Christmas festivities comes with 42 different rewards that you can collect by completing different milestones.

Each milestone is associated with a certain number of points, and once you collect that much of points, the reward for the milestone unlocks. The major rewards for this Monopoly Go Free Heartfelt Holidays Event are five-star sticker packs, and unlocking which ensures that you have all the golden cards in the new album. Below are the sticker packs you will unlock as you complete different milestones:

  • One-star Sticker Pack: Green
  • Two-star Sticker Pack: Orange
  • Three-star Sticker Pack: Pink
  • Four-star Sticker Pack: Blue
  • Five-star Sticker Pack: Purple

How To Earn Token Points In Monopoly Go Heartfelt Holidays Event?

Monopoly Go Heartfelt Holidays Event
Monopoly Go Heartfelt Holidays Event: Tokens

In the Monopoly Go Heartfelt Holidays Event, each milestone is associated with some specific number of token points. You can collect these tokens by stepping onto Tax Square and Utility Square. Stepping over the Tax square tile will increase your token by +3, and utility squares will increase it by +2.

However, this Tax and Utility Tiles method to collect tokens, compared to the previous Events, is a very tough method to earn points as you can’t get tons of points together. Altogether, you will get each tile on all four sides of the board to score some points.

Perhaps, the quickest method to collect tokens during the Monopoly Go Heartfelt Event is a dice multiplier. During the event days, save your dice multipliers for the times when the tiles between you and the tax or utility square are no more than six or eight. Using the highest dice multiplies will then ensure that you land on the perfect square.

Also, before you start rolling, make sure you’ve stocked up enough large dice. This strategy will get you more multipliers, therefore it will eventually help you get more tokens when you land the single event square.

Monopoly Go Heartfelt Holidays Season: Milestones And Rewards

Monopoly Go
Heartfelt Holidays Event: Rewards

Monopoly Go never fails to impress its audience. The Heartfelt Holidays Season is just the launch event of the Special Holidays Season, and the number of milestones and rewards it offers has already captured the audience’s attention. While everyone is super excited about what new things Monopoly Go brings during this Christmas month, here is the list of all Monopoly Go Heartfelt Holidays Season milestones, along with the rewards:

MilestoneToken Points RequiredRewards
25You’ll get 20 free Dice Rolls
310One Star Sticker Pack
450You’ll get 125 free Dice Rolls
615One Star Sticker Pack
715Approximately 10 min Rent Frenzy
9100Along with 225 free Dice Rolls, you will also get a Two Star Sticker Pack.
1125One-Star Sticker Pack
13250450 Dice Rolls and Cash
1540Two Star Sticker Pack
17400700 free Dice Rolls
1850High Roller for 10 minutes
1975Three-Star Sticker Pack
21700Four-Star Sticker Pack and 1200 Dice Rolls
2365Four-Star Sticker Pack
247015 minutes Cash Grab
2580100 Dice Rolls
26500Cash and 300 Dice Rolls
27150225 Dice Rolls
29250Sticker Pack
3012001700 Dice Rolls
313005 minute Cash Boost
3418002400 Dice Rolls, and Five-Star Sticker Pack
35550Five-Star Sticker Pack
37700700 Dice Rolls
381300750 Dice Rolls and Cash
39750Five-Star Sticker Pack
40800Five-Star Sticker Pack
424300Five-Star Sticker Pack and 7000 Dice Rolls

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