Dark And Darker Goblin Ear Uses and How To Buy Items From Goblin Merchant & Quests

In Dark and Darker, various types of loot items are available, offering different perks and unique buffs. Among these items, the Goblin Ear stands out as one of the most intriguing ones to obtain.

This guide will provide an in-depth overview of the Goblin Ear and also enlist the Dark and Darker Goblin Ear uses.

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Dark And Darker Goblin Ear

Goblin Ear Uses Dark And Darker
Dark And Darker Goblin Ear Uses – Ironmace: Dark and Darker

In Dark and Darker, the Goblin Ear is a rare loot item that can be obtained from various loot sources and is also available as a reward for completing various in-game quests.

Since Goblin Ear are the actual ears of Goblins, they can be obtained by cutting them from the bodies of fallen goblin warriors. These ears are symbolic trophies, representing both the victory over the Goblin Warriors and a symbol of pride.

Dark And Darker Goblin Ear Uses

When it comes to the Dark and Darker Goblin Ear uses, they can be used to craft various items to provide different sorts of buffs and perks. For instance, you can use the Goblin Ear to craft a Goblin Ear Necklace.

The Goblin Ear Necklace increases your strength and agility. Additionally, you can trade Goblin Ear with the Goblin Merchant to obtain various items. If you provide the Goblin Merchant with 20 Goblin Ear, he will provide you with the following items.

  • Purple Watchman Cloak
  • Coins x150
  • Affinity x50
  • XP x75

Dark And Darker Goblin Merchant

Dark And Darker Goblin Ear Uses
Dark And Darker Goblin Merchant

The Goblin Merchant, hailing from the Goblin race, is one of the traders available in Dark and Darker. Additionally, this merchant engages in the buying and selling of diverse unidentified items, each possessing a random rarity level.

Therefore, it is recommended to exercise caution when purchasing items from the Goblin Merchant, as the outcome may yield regular items. This trait makes the Goblin Merchant stand out among the 12 Merchants available in the game.

In addition, the Goblin Merchant engages in both buying and selling and offers items for gold. You can sell Crossbow, Halberd, Rugged Boots, Longsword, and Hatchet to the Goblin Merchant for gold.

How To Buy Items From The Goblin Merchant

Buying items from Goblin Merchant is a simple and straightforward process. Simply follow these steps to buy items from the Goblin Merchant.

  • Proceed to the Home Screen and click on the merchant section.
  • From the Menu, choose the Goblin Merchant.
  • In the subsequent menu, you will have two options: Trade and Buy.
  • Choose the Buy option. Items up for purchase will show up.
  • Choose the item you want.
  • Click the Fill In All Stash option, and this will pop up the price of the item.
  • Press the Make Deal to buy the selected item.

Alternatively, you can repeat the same process to sell items to the Goblin Merchant. All you have to do is select the trade option from the menu, and the rest of the procedure will remain the same.

Goblin Merchant Quests

Dark and Darker Goblin Ear Uses Explained
Dark and Darker Goblin Merchant Quests

The Goblin Merchant not only sells and buys items from you in Dard and Darker, but he will also task you with various quests. In these Goblin Merchant quests, you’ll have to collect various items and complete specific objectives.

There are a total of five Goblin Merchant quests in Dark and Darker. Read on to about all of them.

1. Away With The Green Skins

In order to unlock this quest, you need to complete the Mimics and Money quest. This quest will task you with killing the following to complete the quest.

  • 15x Goblin Archers
  • 15x Goblin Axemans
  • 15x Goblin Warriors

The rewards for completing the quest include Blue Laced Turnshoe, 75x Gold, 50 Affinity, 1x Green Bandage, and 50 XP.

2. My Favorite Fleshy

The prerequisite for this quest is the Away With The Green Skins quest. Once you have that done, simply kill ten players to complete this quest. The rewards for completing this quest include the following:

  • 75 XP
  • 3x Surgical Kits
  • 125x Gold Coins
  • 6x Oil Lanterns

3. A Goblin’s Pride

When you’re done with the My Favorite Fleshy quest, the Goblin Merchant will assign you the A Goblin’s Pride quest. This quest will have you collect 20x Goblin ears. 

Once you have collected the 20 Goblin ears, you will get the following rewards.

  • 75 XP
  • Watchman Cloak (Purple)
  • 50 Affinity
  • 150x Gold Coins

4. Escaping The Caves

The fourth quest that the Goblin Merchant gives you is the Escaping The Caves quest, which will task you with surviving 10x Goblin caves (Regular/HR). This simple task will net you the following rewards.

  • 150 XP
  • Grismile ring (Purple
  • 150x Gold Coins

5. Killing Critters

When you have completed the previous four quests, you will be assigned the final quest named Killing Critters by the Goblin Merchant. You need to kill the following finish the quest.

  • 3x Giant Worm
  • 5x Giant Centipede
  • 5x Giant Spider
  • 8x Goblin Mage

You will be rewarded with the following items as a reward for completing the quest.

  • 200 XP
  • A Gold Coin purse
  • 50 Affinity
  • 1x Mystical Gem

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