Pacific Drive – How to Find Olympium Fragments

Pacific Drive - How to Find Olympium Fragments
Pacific Drive - How to Find Olympium Fragments

The survival game Pacific Drive has you looking for all kinds of resources, with one of them being Olympium Fragments. These are useful fragments because they help you enhance your defenses, strengthen your capabilities, and help you escape.

In this article, we’ll discuss Olympium Fragments, from where you find them to what you can do with them. Alongside that, we’ll also talk about the Pacific Drive itself.

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What is Pacific Drive?

Pacific Drive is a survival game focusing on a first-person driving experience as you go through rocky roads on your vehicle or foot. The game challenges everyone with dangers in the Olympic Exclusion Zone, where they try to unravel the mysteries of the area. Some dangers in this game are radiation and harsh weather conditions, but they can be countered by upgrading your vehicle.

Alongside those, you must outrun the storm while facing all kinds of danger in the world that changes with each journey into the Zone. What’s so special about Pacific Drive is that you customize your car to your liking and use it to explore the world. As you check out the zone, you’ll find remnants of the secretive ARDA organization and find anomalies while you collect resources and data.

Pacific Drive was released on February 22, 2024, and it’s available to play on PlayStation 5 and PC. The game also features an original score by Wilver Roget II and has over 20 songs to enhance the game’s experience.

What are Olympium Fragments in Pacific Drive?

Pacific Drive scenery
Pacific Drive scenery

Now that we know what the game is, let’s understand what Olympium Fragments are and why we need it. They’re valuable resources that are super hard to find and are used for crafting items and upgrades. Not only that, but they’re vital for the progression.

Olympium Fragments have a unique purple glow, which separates them from other resources. Some use cases for Olympium Fragments are:

  • Olympium Torch: Olympium Torches upgrades the functionality of Blowtorch by using Olympium as its power source. To craft an Olympium Torch, you’ll need 4 Olympium Fragments.
  • Reinforced Headlight: A Reinforced Headlight is exactly what it sounds like. It increases the durability of your vehicle’s headlight, so it can take much more damage before breaking. In addition, it also changes the appearance of your vehicle. To craft the Reinforced Headlight, you’ll need 6 Olympium Fragments.

How to Find Olmypium Fragments in Pacific Drive?

To find Olympium Fragments in Pacific Drive, you need to go into the Deep Zone or the Smoke Stacks region, where you can find these rare items. These fragments come from the ground, and you should try to use a Magnetic Impact Hammer to extract it. 

The Deep Zone is the most dangerous area of the map, where you’ll find the most aggressive creatures and the most hazards, so you better be well-equipped when you go over there.

An important thing to note is that Olympium Fragments are hard to find and usually situated off the beaten path, so you can only find them by exploring and using a Resource scanner. To harvest it, you can use a Regular Impact Hammer, but it’s better if you use a Magnetic Impact Hammer as it will take less time.

The most important thing you’ll need for your hunt is patience because they’re hard to find, and it can feel discouraging when you don’t. So try to explore different areas, like the Deep Zone, and use your entire arsenal to help your search.

And that’s all you need to know! By following these tips, you’ll be able to get your hands on the rare Olympium fragments and be able to upgrade your car so you can get out unscathed!

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