Palworld Criminal Activity Underway: How to remove wanted status in Palworld

Palworld Criminal Activity Underway Island

Like most of the other games featuring a counterforce like police, there are always some activities that can cause the counterforce to counter you. These activities are called Criminal Activities in Palworld. There are some criminal activities in Palworld, and these activities change the gameplay when you commit them, including a wanted status on the player. This guide will discuss all the details you need to know when Palworld criminal activity underway is popped.

What are Criminal Activities in Palworld

Criminal Activity Tag
Criminal Activity Underway Tag in Palworld

Resembling the mechanism of most of other games, the activities included to be criminal in Palworld are assault and trespassing. If you commit any of the two activities in Palworld, you’d be chased down by the Palpagos Islands Defence Force (PDIF). The agents will chase the player down until your status is wanted after you get flagged by Palworld Criminal Activity Underway warning.

Assault Criminal Activity in Palworld

In Palworld, the assault activity is either attacking a police agent or an NPC in the presence of a police agent. Attacking an NPC may or may not issue a Palworld criminal activity Underway tag for the reasons that a police agent must witness it. Sometimes, attacking an NPC in the presence of a police agent may not be included in criminal activity. This is a problem that is being faced so far and has not been fixed so far. In those situations, players will need to attack the police directly if they want to attempt criminal activity.

Trespassing Criminal Activity in Palworld

Trespassing, as evident from the name, is being at some place or area that is restricted for you. A Palworld Criminal Activity Underway tag will pop up if you are in a restricted area, and you’ll know that the area is prohibited. For this activity to be actually counted as criminal activity in the eyes of the law, you must be seen trespassing by PDIF. Otherwise, if no police officer sees you while trespassing, no one will know of this except the pals in that area. Treat the pals in a manner that pleases you.

How to get wanted status in Palworld

To get a wanted status, all you need to do is engage in criminal activity. If you get spotted by PDIF doing any of the two criminal activities, you’ll get your wanted status. You’ll be able to see your wanted status in the wanted tally in the top right corner of the screen.

In case of an assault Palworld criminal activity, the intensity of the wanted status will increase each time you attempt an assault. Killing either PDIF or an NPC while being pursued will increase the wanted intensity and thus the number of PDIF members chasing you.

On the other hand, if you have the wanted status for trespassing, its intensity will not grow while you stay in the area while being chased. You’ll be wanted with the same intensity no matter how long you stay in the area.

How to avoid wanted status while trespassing

In case of trespassing, it is fairly easy to avoid the wanted charges by simply remaining out of sight. A straightforward way to draw less attention while trespassing is by simply crouching. This reduces your visibility and helps you sneak around in peace.

Apparently, the police in Palworld are very inefficient in witnessing any criminal activity. It is very easy for the players to sneak around and do criminal activities in Palworld. As long as you remain out of sight, the Palworld criminal activity underway tag will not affect you.

How to remove wanted status in Palworld

The simplest and easiest way to get rid of the wanted status is just by dying. It may not be the most viable way to get yourself off the grid, but it is the simplest and only way of removing the wanted status.

Unlike some other games, the wanted status in Palworld doesn’t vanish with time. Once you get the status of wanted after a Palworld criminal activity underway warning, it will stay permanently, and there’s nothing you can do about it. The sooner you accept the fate, the better, but if you enjoy being chased by PDIF, you can continue the assault against them.

The more assaults you attempt, the greater the force of PDIF, and the will to kill will grow. You’ll be able to live as long as you are able to push against the PDIF.

Criminal Activity Underway in Secret Island

Palworld Secret Island
Plaworld Criminal Activity Underway in Secret Island

There’s a secret Island in Palworld, which you will be able to see in the map, where there are a lot of powerful and illegal pals and creatures. These creatures are guarded heavily by guards, and you can carry out criminal activities on this secret island. This secret island in Palworld is located near the beginner starter spawn point in the south direction.

From the starting spawn point, travel south until you reach the Sea Breeze Archipelago Reef. Fast travel. After getting there, hop up on your flying pal and travel east, and you’ll eventually reach the secret island.

There are plenty of things on the island to keep you entertained and will help you collect items to improve your character. But, as soon as you set your feet on the island, you’ll be issued a Palworld criminal activity underway tag, and that means you’re in a restricted area.


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