All Princess Peach Showtime Transformations: Mermaid, Cowgirl, And More

All Princess Peach Showtime Transformations: Mermaid, Cowgirl, And More
All Princess Peach Showtime Transformations: Mermaid, Cowgirl, And More

Mario getting a change of wardrobe is not new to the Super Mario Bros series, as many different powerups in the game bestow different costumes to the iconic plumber. Similarly Princess Peach was also able to change her clothing and powers when she partnered up with Mario, and the upcoming Princess Peach Showrime will focus on that. 

Princess Peach Showtime is an upcoming game with Princess Peach being the playable character and facing new enemies, Grape and the Sour Bunch. She will have the ability to change powers based on the costume she is using, similar to Mario games.

The game faced some criticism when fans saw the face redesign of Princess Peach on the game’s box art but the game is still something that fans of the Mario universe are extremely excited about. It would not be a surprise if the game breaks several records when it releases for the Nintendo Switch. While we wait for the game to be launched, we will be highlighting all the available transformation costumes in Princess Peach Showtime.

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How Many Transformations Are In Princess Peach Showtime?

Patissier Peach In Princess Peach Showtime
Patissier Peach In Princess Peach Showtime

All of the transformations in Princess Peach Showtime grant the character unique abilities that modify the mechanism of the game. For instance, Mermaid Peach can control fish using her voice, Kung Fu Peach has skills that can be useful in combat and Detective Peach can make deductions by looking at clues.

Not surprisingly fans are looking forward to trying out all the different outfits in the game and are especially eager to try out the changes to the game with all the different transformations. We will list all the transformations and give a brief explanation of their abilities  in Princess Peach Showtime below:

Mermaid Peach

The Mermaid Peach outfit is not only a visual treat but also grants the players a unique skill. The Mermaid itself is not a playable character but the players can use the voice of the Mermaid to sing and command the fishes to do their bidding. Additionally, all of the stages that feature this transformation seem to be water-based underwater levels, changing the flow of the game.

Detective Peach

Detective Peach In Princess Peach Showtime
Detective Peach In Princess Peach Showtime

If the Detecive Peach look reminds you of the Detecive Pikachu, you are not alone. The Detective Peach outfit comes with a magnifying glass that lets you turn into an investigator who can look at where footprints lead and question suspects. It is not clear from the trailer whether the use of Detective Peach is just for the story bits of the game or she gets her hands dirty by fighting the criminals.

Patissier Peach

From the glimpse of the Patissiere Peach costume in the trailer, it can be deduced that this isn’t a look for running around the game and is a part of minigame stages, where the player will make use of the giant pasty tool to decorate desserts. One of those said iconic desserts will likely be the cake that Peach is known for baking, as she did at the end of the iconic Super Mario 64.

Dashing Thief Peach

With this Dashing Thief transformation, Peach turns into a masked thief who is an expert in parkour like the Assassins of Assassins Creed and equips a grappling hook like Batman to discover new locations, all while keeping away from enemy robots. Stages with this transformation will seemingly take place on the rooftops of buildings.

Figure Skater Peach

This is a special transformation mainly for the ice levels, where Peach will able to glide across the frozen floor as a Figure Skater. This outfit also grants Peach a unique spin attack for taking care of enemies and a dance move to trap them. 

Cowgirl Peach

Cowgirl Peach In Princess Peach Showtime
Cowgirl Peach In Princess Peach Showtime

Similar to Wonder Woman, the Cowgirl transformation equips Peach with a lasso to grab and toss enemies with. In addition, there are some stages set in a Wild West theme, where Princess Peach can chase enemies on horseback.

Ninja Peach

Ninja Peach In Princess Peach Showtime
Ninja Peach In Princess Peach Showtime

Ninja Peach allows her to turn into a deadly Hitman. Peach gains the to sneak past enemies through the tall grass and perform stealth kills She can also reach higher levels by doing wall jumps when using the Ninja Peach outfit..

Swordfighter Peach

With her blade in hand, Swordfighter Peach can cut past a line of enemies in a jiffy. In this outfit, Peach can successfully execute a variety of sword attacks, Similar to Link from The Legend Of Zelda series, she can dispatch with a descending slash, kill enemies with a rising sword attack, and hack down enemies both in front and behind her.

Mighty Peach

With the usage of the Mighty Peach transformation, Peach turns into a Super Hero. She gains super strength which allows her to throw large objects across the map and she can rain down blows on unsuspecting enemies while flying across the stage.

Kung Fu Peach

Finally, with the Kung Fu outfit, Peach can get rid of her heavy royal gown and take on foes with all her power. She can kick and punch enemies and do away with them the old-fashioned way. Alterobelty, she can perform attacks from a distance by swinging from poles or leaping from platform to platform.

This concludes everything we currently know about the transformations in Princess Peach Showtime. We will update you as soon as we have any other information. In the meantime, do let us know which transformation you are looking most forward to trying out. For more from GamingFlaws, be sure to check out Where And How To Kill 25 Hunters In Helldivers 2.

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