Where And How To Kill 25 Hunters In Helldivers 2?

Where And How To Kill Hunters In Helldivers 2?
Where And How To Kill Hunters In Helldivers 2?

Helldivers 2 is one of the first Sony first-party live-action games to be released ever, and it marks the first Sony-published game to launch on the PC on day one. Fans all over the world love the fast-paced action and the ability to explore uncharted planets alongside friends and loved ones.

Progressing the game requires the player to obtain as many medals as possible, as those medals can then be used in the Warbond store to purchase new weapons, armor, and boosters to help fight more difficult bosses. An easy way to grab medals is by completing your Personal Orders, which are daily challenges that are shown on the right side of the screen when choosing a mission at the Starmap. 

The latest Personal Order in Helldivers 2 calls for players to kill 25 Hunters in exchange for a significant amount of medals. However, since not everyone may know what type of enemy the Hunter is, we will introduce you to the Hunter, where you find them, and the best ways to kill them.

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What Are Hunters In Helldivers 2?

Helldivers 2 Gameplay
Helldivers 2 Gameplay

Out of the many enemies that you can find in Helldivers, Hunters are species of the Terminid type, that move very swiftly and are bugs of orange color. These bugs usually travel in packs and if you think you are lucky enough to encounter a single bug, you will be surprised when their pack shows up due to the triggering of bug breaches. 

Hunters are especially hard to kill due to their lightning-fast reflexes so it is paramount that you devise a strategy that puts you at a far point but allows you to attack and kill them using long-range weapons, sentries, or Stratagems. The Hunters lack a particular weak point but are very easy to kill if you can successfully land several hits on them. Hunters mainly focus on defeating their prey by attacking in large numbers to make up for their fragility.

Where To Find Hunters In Helldivers 2?

Similar to the other Terminid types of enemies found in Helldivers 2, Hunters can also be found on the eastern part of the vast intergalactic map. Planets part of the orange zones are common locations where the Hunters can be encountered with ease. 

It should not be difficult for you to locate Hunters, as they commonly patrol bug nests and bug breaches that occur on these planets. It is a wise move to hunt them using Stratagems and other weapons that you can use from a distance to avoid being demolished by their sheer use of numbers. 

How To Kill Hunters In Helldivers 2?

Hellsdiver 2 Combat
Helldivers 2 Combat

Killing Hunters is a very easy task if you manage to locate a single one. However, if you do manage to encounter a lone Hunter, chances are it will trigger a bug breach and bring in backup to either survive or make sure it kills you as well. 

To avoid this it is our recommendation to make use of Stratagems found in the game and avoid close combat. Using the Stratagems will ensure you can be at a safe distance and still be able to attack the Hunters. 

We will list the 3 best Stratagems you can use on your hunt below. 

The Machine Gun

The Machine Gun might be one of the first Stratagem that you unlocked in Helldivers 2, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be the best available Stratagem in your fight against Hunters. The Machine Gun is undoubtedly the best Stratagem when you need to kill a large number of enemies very fast and without any explosives involved.

Using The Machine Gun can prove to be a very effective method of hunting on Terminid Planets as a whole and especially against swarms of Hunters that will show up when you start your killing spree. However, the reload mechanism of the Machine Gun in Helldivers 2 requires the player to be crouched or prone when reloading, and the reload animation will make you immobile while you reload, so having a teammate or two might be a good idea.

The Grenade Launcher 

The Grenade Launcher In Helldivers 2
The Grenade Launcher In Helldivers 2

Another Stratagem that you can use against the Hunters is The Grenade Launcher. The player firing an explosive projectile from a safe distance into a nest of Hunters is a tactic that will ensure maximum damage and kills. Similar to the Machine Gun it is not a wise decision to try using this Stratagem when you are too close to the Hunters.

This is due to both the cooldown period and also the chance of you damaging your own HP when trying to kill Hunters. Another negative aspect of The Grenade Launcher is the high probability of launching the projectile to another location, even back at yourself, if you hit a solid surface causing the grenade to bounce.

The Antimaterial Rifle

The last Stratagem on our list is for players that prefer an intimate kill even when hunting their enemy from far away. The Antimaterial Rifle does significant damage from long range and as a bonus doesn’t require a separate backpack to reload. It can easily take out Hunters with a single shot if you hit them successfully.

Players can make use of the first-person mode when firing to ensure better vision when aiming and more accurate shots. You can toggle first-person mode by holding down the reload button to switch aiming modes.  

This concludes everything you need to know about Hunters, including where to find them, and how to kill them in Helldivers 2. We also listed 3 of the best Stratagems you can take along with you to avoid facing the Hunters and meeting your demise due to the force of their large numbers. For more from GamingFlaws, be sure to check out The 6 Best Sigils In Granblue Fantasy Relink.

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