Is Spike Fruit Good In Blox Fruits? How to Get Spike Fruit & Combos [Complete Guide]

Blox Fruits offers a number of fruits to play around with that leads to a fun strategic gameplay experience. However, with the extensive array and categories of fruits available, there’s a possibility you might not be familiar with all of them.

This guide on Blox Fruits aims to offer a comprehensive explanation of the Spike Fruit, addressing the question: Is Spike Fruit good in Blox Fruits or not?

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Spike Fruit Good In Blox Fruits

Is Spike Fruit Good In Blox Fruits Explained
Is Spike Fruit Good In Blox Fruits?

The Spike Fruit in Blox Fruits belongs to the Natural category of fruits, classified as a Common Fruit in terms of rarity. Spike fruit is available at the Blox Fruit Dealer. However, it’s essential to note that it will be added to the purchasable items at the Blox Fruit Dealer after Update 1.

Despite not being particularly useful, the Spike Fruit is widely recognized and sometimes despised for its high likelihood of being obtained when interacting with Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin.

Is Spike Fruit Good In Blox Fruits?

Although initially the Spike Fruit was not particularly useful, things have changed ever since, and since the latest update, Update 17.3, Spike Fruit has received a large buff.

Therefore, it can be affirmed that the Spike Fruit is effective in Blox Fruits. It proves particularly beneficial when resources and funds are limited, making it a favorable choice.

Furthermore, its common availability, affordability, versatility in games, and compatibility with various combinations make it a noteworthy option. Consequently, considering its numerous advantages, the Spike Fruit can be regarded as a valuable asset in the Blox Fruits game.

How To Obtain Spike Fruit

As aforementioned, the Spike Fruit in Blox Fruits can be purchased from the Blox Fruit Dealer. It is available for 380 Robux or $180,000 in-game money. If you have the required resources, simply visit the Blox Fruit Dealer and purchase Spike Fruit.

Spike Fruit Moveset

The Spike Fruit in Blox Fruits offers a varied moveset, encompassing the Spike Summon to the formidable Spike Barrage. Read on to learn about all the Spike Fruit Movesets.

1. Spike Summon

Spike Summon, as the name implies, allows you to summon multiple spikes by pressing the Z key. This ability unlocks at Level 1. The extended hold feature allows users to multiply their spikes, providing a strategic advantage in combat.

2. Whirlwind

The Whirlwind attack will have you open your arms and spin to deal damage. This moveset is unlocked at Level 25. Once you are at level 25, simply press the X key to unleash the Whirlwind attack.

In order to deal more damage, it is recommended to hold down the X key for a longer duration of time.

4. Spiky Ball

This deadly move will turn you into a spiky ball and drags enemies in to deal damage. This moveset unlocks at Level 50 and pressing the C key will execute this lethal move.

5. Spike Barrage

Spike barrage will summon a row of spikes in the facing direction. It is recommended to collect the whole bunch of spikes, and additionally, you are required to hold longer for huge spikes.

This moveset will unlock at 75, and you can execute the Spike Barrage simply by pressing the V key.

Spike Fruit Combos

The following Spike Fruit Combos are the most lethal combos out there in Blox Fruits associated with the Spike Fruit. These will prove beneficial in almost all scenarios.

1. C + Spikey Trident X + Electric Claw X + Spike X + Electric Claw Z + Spike C.
2. Spike C, Spike X, Sharkman Karate C, Sharkman Karate X, Sharkman Karate Z.
3. Spike C, Spike X, Dragon Talon X, Dragon Talon Z, Pole v2 X, Spike V or Z.
4. Spike C, Spike X (Hold), Spikey Trident X, Spikey Trident Z, Superhuman C, Superhuman Z, Spike Z.

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