How To Fix Guild Wars 2 GW2 Error Code 42 [Fixed – Complete Solution]

The enduring popularity of a captivating multiplayer online role-playing game is shown by Guild Wars 2. However, players could run into technological difficulties even in Tyria, where adventures flow naturally. One such difficulty is the elusive GW2 error code 42, which indicates that there is a problem with the player’s connection to the game’s account servers. We get further into the nuances of how to fix Guild Wars 2 GW2 error code 42 in this extensive guide to providing players who want to restore their flawless Guild Wars 2 experience with a thorough and exhaustive troubleshooting path.

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How To Fix Guild Wars 2 GW2 Error Code 42

Fix Guild Wars 2 GW2 Error Code 42
How To Fix Guild Wars 2 GW2 Error Code 42

Due to its reputation for stability, Guild Wars 2 offers players a comparatively bug-free experience. The appearance of error code 42, however, serves as a warning that technological issues may occur in any online system. Basically, this error means that there is a problem with the player’s connection to the game’s account servers. These servers are the foundation of Guild Wars 2, collecting player information and supporting basic operations like signing in and gaining access to social features like guilds and chat features. Players are locked out of Tyria’s immersive universe when this link breaks.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

  • Checking the stability of your internet connection is a basic but essential first step to fix Guild Wars 2 GW2 error code 42.
  • Modifications made to the internet configuration, particularly after changing connections, might be the cause.
  • Before proceeding with the next set of troubleshooting procedures, make sure that your connection is intact.

2. Verify The Server Status

  • Error codes often conceal server-related problems in the complex world of online gaming.
  • Players should carefully examine the Guild Wars 2 servers’ present state to see if this is the case.
  • Real-time user reports are provided by platforms such as Downdetector, which provide insights into server outages.
  • When servers are down for maintenance or having problems, players have to be patient as they wait for the developers to fix the issue.

3. Exit The Game And Reboot The PC, Router/Modem

  • Assuming that the servers remain stable, there is a simple but efficient approach to follow.
  • Restart your router/modem, restart your PC, then politely exit the game.
  • This procedure helps get rid of any possible cache problems that might be interfering with your connection and resulting in server failures.
  • Try your hand at another online game after the reset, and then go back to Guild Wars 2.

4. Whitelist The Gaming

  • Occasionally, gaming connections might be interrupted by antivirus software’s constant surveillance.
  • You may want to add Guild Wars 2 to your antivirus whitelist if you just installed a new one or both.
  • This guarantees that Guild Wars 2 won’t be blocked by the antivirus software since it won’t be seen as a danger.
  • If unsure of the procedure, temporarily disabling the antivirus program might act as a diagnostic tool to see if it’s indeed the cause of the issue.

5. Check Port Forwarding

  • The complex world of network setups raises the potential that GW2 error code 42 is the result of improperly forwarded ports.
  • Forward TCP ports 80, 443, and 6112 to guarantee a seamless gaming experience.
  • There’s plenty of information on the Guild Wars 2 official website on how to carry out this procedure successfully.
  • By following these guidelines, you may be confident that your connection meets all of the game’s requirements.

6. Reduce Firewall Settings

  • If the firewall is set to very severe settings, it might unintentionally prevent players from connecting to games.
  • Go into your firewall’s settings and carefully change them from “Strict” to “Medium” or “Low.”
  • This modest adjustment should resolve problems and open up a possibility for you to enjoy the game without running into the annoying GW2 error code 42.


Technical difficulties such as error code 42 might temporarily take away Tyria’s charm in the grand scheme of Guild Wars 2, where adventures await you at every turn. But with the knowledge and thorough troubleshooting methods provided in this guide, players may set out to restore their flawless Guild Wars 2 experience. The steps involved in fixing GW2 error code 42 are as follows: carefully checking internet connections; keeping an eye on server statuses; setting up port forwarding; and modifying firewall settings. Each step is critical to the solution.

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In the ever-changing world of online gaming, community feedback is vital. We encourage you to contribute your knowledge in the comments if, you have faced and successfully traversed how to fix Guild Wars 2 GW2 error code 42 using a way not mentioned here. This guide ought to act as a lighthouse for players who are trying to solve the mystery of Guild Wars 2 problem code 42 so they may travel around Tyria without being hindered by connection issues.

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