How To Fix Diablo 4 Error Code 316751? 6 Easy Ways!

Diablo 4 Error Code 316751

Diablo 4 is more fun when you play it with friends and in groups after challenging one another. I love playing it with my friends with a pizza at stake. So far, I have won all the games, and we all enjoyed the pizza I won.

However, I remember once we all were gathered at one friend’s place and were all excited to slay demons in our Diablo 4 team game when we encountered Error 316751. It spoiled all the fun as we were forced to play solo.

If you have encountered a similar error with your Diablo 4 and are looking for fixes now, you have reached the right place.

Some methods to fix Diablo 4 error code 316751 include checking the internet connectivity, restarting the devices, signing out of the account and re-logging, updating the network drivers, and switching to Google DNS.

In this guide, I will provide you with a little introduction to the Diablo 4 error and will take you through some fixes you can try to fix the Diablo 4 error code 316751. So, don’t beat around the bush and keep reading to know more about this error code.

What Is Diablo 4 Error Code 316751?

Before discussing the reasons behind this error and the fixes, many Diablo 4 players have reportedly encountered this error lately, especially during the playoffs. The error code is mainly related to clan and group games and prevents the players from inviting other players into the game or playing in groups.

Thankfully, the error code 316715 isn’t some serious error in the game and can be easily fixed by trying simple solutions that I will elaborate on in this guide.

What Are the Reasons Behind Diablo 4 Error Code 316751?

Though generally, the Diablo 4 error 316751 occurs due to server and connectivity issues, here I have enlisted some potential causes of the error for you.

  • Network Error

If you are connected to a bad internet connection when playing the game, you will likely encounter the error 316751, especially when inviting other players or trying to join a group or clan fight.

  • Problems with Game Account

Another reason for the occurrence of the error 315751 is a problem with your game account. If the account you are using isn’t verified or has not been set up properly, you will likely struggle to join other players or invite them over and can also see the error code 316751 on your screen.

  • Driver Issue

To enjoy Diablo 4 in its full swing and get the most out of its features, you need to download the right drivers for the game on your device. Also, updating the drivers from time to time is equally crucial to keep the game functional and avoid any errors. If you forget to update your device’s drivers, you will likely encounter the error 316751.

  • Problematic DNS Server

If there is some problem with the DNS server you are connected to, you might face many problems while playing Diablo 4, and the error 316751 can be one of them.

  • Poor VPN Service

Some of the Diablo 4 features are location-restricted, and if you use a VPN to avail them, some problems with the VPN service can lead you to several gaming errors, such as the error 316751.

  • Changed World Tier Settings

When playing Diablo 4 with your friends and other players, you must be careful about your world tier settings, i.e., the difficulty level. To be able to play together, both the players should have similar world tier settings, and if that’s not the case with you, you will probably see the error code 316751 on the screen.

How To Fix the Diablo 4 Error Code 316751?

If this is your first time encountering the Diablo 4 316751 error and you have no idea how to fix it and get back to your game, follow the simple step-by-step methods below to perform this task without much difficulty.

Method #1: Check Your Network

To fix the Diablo 4 316751 error, you first need to check your internet connection. As I mentioned earlier, one of the primary reasons for the occurrence of this error is the network connectivity issue.

If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, use online tools like Fast to check your internet speed. You can also disconnect your network connection and reconnect to restart it and check for the issue.

Method #2: Restart and Reconnect Your Devices

If network connection is not the problem, there might be something wrong with the server or device connection. To fix the error, in this case, simply turn off all the devices, including your gaming router, PC, etc., and wait a few seconds to turn them back on.

It’s best to unplug the devices from their power source and plug them in again before turning them on. Once the devices are back on, connect them, start Diablo 4 on your PC, and see if the error is gone.

Method #3: Restart the Game

Another thing you can do to fix the Diablo 4 error 316751 is restart the game. Sometimes, when your game runs for a long time, it might start lagging, resulting in such errors. Restarting the game can fix the problem in cases like these.

Here are the steps you need to follow for this.

Step #1: Sign out of the Game

Firstly, turn off the game and sign out of it. Turn the game off from the gaming console if your screen is acting up.

Step #2: Connect to Internet

Switch to a better and more stable internet connection.

Step #3: Update the Game

If you last updated your game a long time ago and can see an update available for it, upgrade it to the latest version.

Step #4: Disable Antivirus Software

Turn off any antivirus software, if you have one enabled on your device, as they can also cause such errors.

Step #6: Turn on the Game and Log In

Turn on the game on your device and log in to your account. Once in the game, try inviting a player and see if the error persists.

Method #4: Change the World Tier Settings

As mentioned earlier, changed world tier settings can also result in the 316751 error. Here is how you can change the World Tier settings for your game to fix the issue.

Step #1: Go to the Game Menu

You need to first go to the “Game Menu” from the Home Page of your game. Here, you will find all the settings and customizations related to the game.

Step #2: Open World Tier Settings

Locate the “Change World Tier” option and choose to open it.

Step #3: Choose the Difficulty Level

Check the difficulty level with the player you want to connect to and change yours accordingly.

World Tier Settings Diablo 4

Step #4: Save to Proceed

Save the changes to ensure that your name game starts with the difficulty level you have selected, and exit from the Settings page to check for the error.

Check out the below YouTube Video to learn more about changing the World Tier settings.

Method #5: Update the Driver

If your network driver is outdated, it will cause errors like this one. Follow the steps below to update network drivers and fix the error.

Step #1: Go to Device Manager

Hit the “Window +X” keys on the keyboard and select “Device Manager” on the pop-up menu.

Step #2: Select “Network Adapters”

Once the Device Manager window opens on the screen, double-click the “Network Adapters” option.

Step #3: Update the Driver

Find your internet adapter and right-click on it. Choose the “Update driver” option on the drop-down menu.


Choose the “Search automatically for drivers” option and wait for your device to find drivers.

Step #4: Restart the Device

Once the drivers are found, and the update process starts, wait for it to complete and restart your PC.

The network drivers have successfully been updated on your device. Now, log in to your Game account, try joining a party, and see if the issue is resolved.

Method #6: Switch to Google DNS

Switching to the Google DNS server is another thing you can do to fix the Diablo 4 error 316751. For this, here are the steps you need to go through.

Step #1: Open the Run Window

Press the “Win + R” keys on your keyboard to open the Run dialog box. Type control in the blank space and hit “OK.”

Step #2: Go to “Change adapter settings”

Select the “View network status and tasks” option on the next screen and click “Change adapter settings.”

Step #3: Open Properties

Here, find the internet network you use and right-click on it. Select “Properties” on the drop-down menu.

Step #4: Switch to DNS

Find the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” option and double-click on it. Now enable and add the following DNS server addresses:

  • for the Preferred DNS server
  • for the Alternate DNS server

Step #5: Confirm to Proceed

Select “OK” at the bottom and restart your PC to proceed. Turn on your Game and check for the error.

Final Thoughts

This wraps up the guide on how to fix Diablo 4 Error Code 316751. In this write-up, I provided you with some potential causes of the error.

I have also taken you through some fixes you can try to eliminate the error. Hopefully, the next time you try to invite a player or join a clan and this error pops up on your screen; you won’t panic and try the fixes above to resolve the issue instead.

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