Ready Or Not Game Release Date: Version 1.0 Now Out

Ready Or Not Game Release Date Announced
Ready Or Not Game Release Date

The tactical FPS Ready or Not made its debut back in December 2021, as it was released in early access. However, the journey to witness the full release has been a patiently enduring one.

The anticipation, though protracted, ultimately proves to be worthwhile as the game is officially released after a long wait of almost two years. This guide will go over the Ready Or Not game release date and explain all the content coming with the full release of the game, so make sure to read on.

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Ready Or Not Game Release Date

Ready Or Not Game Release
Ready Or Not Game Release

The final trailer for Ready Or Not and the announcement of its exit from early access took center stage at The Game Awards 2023. It was announced that the full version of the game will come out on December 13, 2023,

The full game version, Ready Or Not 1.0, is now available for PC via Steam for £49.99.

What Is Ready Or Not?

Ready or Not Game Release Date Revealed
Ready or Not – A Tactical FPS

Ready or Not has established itself in the realm of tactical FPS games and has appealed to a significant player base boasting over 100,000 reviews on Steam and a very positive rating.

It is an intense, tactical, first-person shooter depicting a modern-day world where SWAT units navigate hostile and confronting situations; the game presents a gripping narrative and offers a blend of single-player and multiplayer experiences amid a crime wave in the fictional Californian city of Los Suenos.

The game features missions for co-op multiplayer mode and a solo with AI squad mates. These missions unfold in scenarios ranging from hostage situations with strict rules of engagement to bomb threats, active shooter scenarios, and raids.

Moreover, a PvP mode was scheduled for the full release, but unfortunately, it was not featured.

Ready Or Not 1.0 New Content

Ready Or Not: Version 1.0
Ready Or Not: Version 1.0 Introduces New Content

The Ready Or Not version 1.0 expands on the already available early access mode and introduces new content, including the single-player campaign, Commander Mode.

The expansion also brought in a comprehensive overhaul of most early-access missions and introduced new missions to keep things all the more interesting.

Moreover, the update also features gameplay improvements, including quality-of-life improvements, and additionally offers a smoother and user-friendly gaming interface.

Furthermore, version 1.0 includes more customization options that will allow you to tailor your experience to your preferences.

The full version of the game provides you with all the reasons to try the full version of Ready Or Not, even if you have already experienced early access.  All in all, the Ready Or Not game release has proven to be a positive step for Void Interactive.

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