GTA 6 Release Date For PC Steam Unveiled

The much-anticipated launch of Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) has been a source of excitement for enthusiasts over the past few years. The recently unveiled trailer has only heightened expectations.

The official trailer by Rockstar Games provides minimal information, stating that Rockstar’s forthcoming open-world crime adventure is slated for a 2025 release, with no specific platforms disclosed.

Nevertheless, Take-Two’s press release unveiled that GTA 6 is set to launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Surprisingly, the PC remains unmentioned in the official statement. This article delves into the available details and explores the potential GTA 6 release date for PC Steam.

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GTA 6 Official Website

GTA 6 Official Website
GTA 6 Official Website Landing

The newly unveiled official GTA 6 website, found at, offers a glimpse into the game’s setting and release platforms. The trailer prominently displayed on the website introduces players to Leonida and unfolds a vibrant world beyond the neon-soaked streets of Vice City.

The GTA website mentions

Grand Theft Auto VI heads to the state of Leonida, home to the neon-soaked streets of Vice City and beyond in the biggest, most immersive evolution of the Grand Theft Auto series yet. Coming 2025 to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

GTA 6 Release Date For PC Steam: Official Website
GTA 6 Website

The release year is set for 2025, with confirmed availability on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S. However, there’s a conspicuous absence of information about the PC release.

Will There Be A GTA 6 PC Steam Version?

GTA 6 Release Date For PC Steam Explained
GTA 6 Release Date For PC Steam

There’s little doubt that the GTA 6 will eventually see a PC release, although it is missing from the picture right now. If we look into Steam charts, GTA 5 holds the sixth position among the most-played games on Steam in terms of concurrent players.

It’s also a notable presence on the Steam global top sellers list, securing spots in the top 20 for both the standard version and the premium edition. This resulted in significant revenue for Rockstar, primarily driven by the microtransactions within its online mode.

Additionally, if we take the history of Rockstar Games into perspective, they tend to invest in different platforms. Therefore, it will be surprising if they deviate from this strategy with the release of GTA 6, which is unlikely to occur. Hence, it is evident that a GTA 6 PC Steam version will unfold sometime soon.

GTA 6 Release Date For PC Steam

GTA 6 Release Date For PC Steam Unveiled
GTA 6 PC Steam Release Date

Now, coming back to the GTA 6 official trailer and the website, there was no mention of a PC version of the game. So, it is confirmed that the PC version will not be released on the same day as the console version.

However, it’s not that the PC will not see the release of GTA 6; it will happen for sure, but sometime after the release of the console version. We can look at Rockstar Games’ historical release patterns to estimate the PC release date.

Typically, there’s a 6 to 18-month window between the console and PC versions. Almost all Rockstar Games releases follow this trend. The most recent release, GTA 5, had a nearly two-year interval, whereas Red Dead Redemption 2 saw a 13-month gap.

This trend of delayed PC releases dates back to even Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which was released in October 2004 for PlayStation, while the PC version was not released until June 2005.

Now, if we apply the same trend to GTA 6, the historical patterns suggest we might get to see a GTA 6 release date for PC Steam somewhere in 2026 at the earliest. However, it is most likely to happen in 2027.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that the GTA 6 release date for PC Steam will most likely be in 2027. That’s all there is to know about the GTA 6 release for PC Steam. If you’re wondering why GTA 6 is taking so long, read our article on Why Is GTA 6 Taking So Long: Release Date & More

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