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Many fans have started to play the Fallout games again after watching the new Fallout series. So you should definitely play the top Fallout games and enjoy your favorite series while reminiscing the good old days. All the Fallout games have one thing in common you need to navigate the post-apocalyptic with the best Fallout Shelter outfits. 

Something unique in Fallout Shelter is dwellers being sent out to venture into wasteland locations. However, before the dewelers go out to explore they must be leveled up and wearing appropriate gear. While there are several outfits that can be worn in Fallout Shelter for the purpose of venturing into the wasteland we will be discussing the Best Fallout Shelter Outfits.

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6 Best Fallout Shelter Outfits Ranked

Fallout Shelter outfits store
Fallout Shelter outfits store

We will be ranking the Best Fallout Shelter Outfits and discussing some aspects that make them better or worse than each other.

5. Heavy Wasteland Gear

While the Heavy Wasteland Gear comes last on the list the best thing about it is that it negates the radiation damage completely and is unisex. So both male and female dwellers can wear it to save themselves from radiation. 

Furthermore, the outfit comes with a +7 endurance boost so a fully leveled-up dweller with an endurance stat trained to 10 will have the max HP. 

4. War’s Armor

There stat bonuses that the War’s Armor provides a dweller make it a powerful outfit. The combo of strength, perception-boosting damage, and endurance-boosting survivability make it a great outfit.

However, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to unlock this outfit as it is one of the possible quest rewards from the Horsemen of the Post-Apocalypse quest. So whether you can unlock the outfit or not depends on your luck when you finish the quest.

3. Detective Outfit

Fallout Shelter Detective Outfit
Fallout Shelter Detective Outfit

An interesting outfit for players to equip while venturing out into the wasteland is the Detective Outfit. While it doesn’t boost the common stats it does boost stats that will help a dweller abpod certain encounters and achieve better outcomes.

With the luck and intelligence of the player booster, this outfit can help collect better loot and ensure the dweller gets the maximum number of XP. In addition, the endurance boost will help the dweller take less damage from radiation. 

2. Mutant Hunter Gear 

The Mutant Hunter Gear almost came as the number one on the list even without it giving good stat boosts like the previous outfits on the list. However, the reason why the Mutant Hunter Gear is so close to the best outfit is that it is extremely easy to craft is is available very early in the game.

1. X-01 Mk VI PA

The X-01 Mk VI PA outfit is hands down the best outfit when you just want to explore and fight creatures. It doesn’t have good stat boosts as some of the quest-rewarded outfits but is very easy to craft and available before a play can get advanced outfits. 

The outfit does have decent damage output and survivability boosts so this outfit can be used to level up dwellers. While some may argue that there are other better outfits that are number one this is the only outfit that can be crafted in bulk and be used to outfit the full team of dwellers.

With this, we reach an end to our Best Fallout Shelter Outfits list. We went over the 5 best outfits in Fallout Shelter and discussed some of their positives and negatives. Do let us know in the comments which is your favorite outfit in Fallout Shelter. In the meantime, check out How To Play The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time On PC.

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