Warframe Cross Platform Save Release Date and How It Works?

Warframe Cross Save Release Date
Warframe Cross Save Release Date Announced

Warframe introduced the cross-platform play functionality in December 2022, but a cross-save feature was missing from the picture. Digital Extremes recently announced that the cross-save feature will roll out with the Whispers in the Walls update in December 2023.

However, that didn’t happen, and the cross-save feature is still not available in the game.  In this guide, we will provide you with details on the cross-save feature and also reveal the Warframe Cross Save release date.

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What Is Warframe Cross Save

Warframe Cross Save
What is the Warframe Cross Save Feature?

The Warframe cross-save feature allows you to connect your accounts from different supported platforms and lets you carry your progression across all platforms.

How Does Warframe Cross Save Works

The Warframe cross-save is pretty straightforward. It lets you either Merge your accounts from various platforms into a single account or Link your account to different platforms.

It is recommended to select the account with the most progression and the highest playtime as your primary account to keep your progress.

Warframe Cross Save Release Date
Warframe Cross Save Release Date: How Cross Save Works?

1. Link Warframe Account

The cross-save link option allows you to pick up a specific Warframe account as your Primary Account and seamlessly use the progress and purchases associated with that particular account across various supported platforms.

This option will let you switch back and forth between different platforms and pick from where you left off, regardless of the platform.

2. Merge Warframe Account

The cross-save  Merge option is a one-time Account Merge. It is an irreversible method that will merge the resources, currencies, and customizations from your multiple accounts into a single account.

The merge accounts will operate as a single Warframe cross-platform save account that will be accessible on any connected platform through the Account Management option.

The best part is that you will have all the resources and currencies gathered across all account merged with your primary account.

NOTE: It is worth mentioning that the Warframe accounts created prior to November 24, 203 – 2 PM E.T. are eligible to use the merge feature. If you have an account created after November 24, you will be limited to the linking feature alone.

Warframe Cross Save Limitations

In order to create a Cross Save account, it is mandatory to have a Warframe PC account. Furthermore, you will be limited to using up to one account from each platform in your save account.

Although a PC account is required, there’s no need to download or play Warframe on a PC before you access your cross-platform save account.

The PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC will support the Cross Platform Save Account at launch.

Furthermore, the Android and the iOS versions of the game will also be compatible with the Cross-Save feature upon release and will also support cross-platform play.

Warframe Cross Save Release Date

Warframe Cross Save Release Date: Revealed
Warframe Cross Save Release Date

The cross-save feature was initially released in December 2023, along with the Whispers in the Walls update. However, it was accessible for a brief period and was released for the stress test of the feature.

Currently, the Warframe Cross-Platform feature is not available. The developers are working to address the issues following the stress test.

However, the players who have already accessed the feature during the stress test will be able to use it, while those who were not able to catch the feature will have to wait till it is released again.

Although the Warframe Cross save release date is unknown and yet to be announced by the developers, it will likely launch in mid-January. It is recommended to keep an eye on the official social media handles of the Warframe for the latest updates on the cross-save release.

Why Was Cross Save Closed Down

Warframe Cross Save Release Date:
Warframe Cross Save Release Date: Cross-Save Closed Down

The cross-save feature was only accessible to a limited number of players for the stress test of the feature. However, after a couple of hours into the release, the feature was shut down to fix the technical issues and bugs identified by the developers.

The following are the main reasons why cross-save is currently inaccessible in Warframe.

1. Stability Issues

When the developers rolled out the cross-platform save feature, it worked smoothly for an hour, but things were messed up after that, and players faced a tough time getting their accounts merged or linked.

The feature requires a solid and stable server to run smoothly, and the developers are currently working on it to provide a seamless experience.

2. Technical Reasons

Furthermore, during the test phase, some players ran into bugs and glitches that wiped their progress or data. To sort this issue and ensure that cross-save works without any hiccups, the feature is temporarily closed.

The developers are currently working on fixing these issues based on the feedback they got from players. Once everything’s good to go, the Warframe cross-save feature will go live again.

That is all there is to know about the cross-platform save feature in Warframe. However, while you’re at it, we recommend checking out our comprehensive guide, How To Get The Proboscis Cernos In Warframe [Complete Guide].

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