Monopoly GO Steering Wheel Links January 2024 [Updated]

Monopoly GO Wheel Links
Monopoly GO Wheel Links

The Monopoly GO events are a great way to pile up some extra cash and various in-game rewards. In particular, the Monopoly GO Wheel Links have been a fan favorite for all the obvious reasons.

This guide will provide details on the Monopoly GO Wheel Links for January 2024 so that you can get your hands full of cash and other exciting rewards.

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Monopoly GO Boost Times Schedule – January 2024

Monopoly GO Wheel Links
Monopoly GO Boost Times Schedule

The game developers are going all in on the Monopoly GO boost times in January 2024; it is just the start of the year, and the month is almost packed with loads of exciting stuff and boosts to benefit from.

However, to make the most out of this Boost Times, it is recommended to wait to spend any cash until there’s a combination of a Board Rush or a Landmark Rush. This strategy will get you an extra dice. Alternatively, you can also combine a Sticker Boom and a Wheel Boost for additional perks as well.

The Monopoly Origins album event will also be live for the entirety of the January 2024; you can grab some extra rewards from there as well. The following are the boost times that are predicted to happen on 7 January 2024.



30-Minute Wheel Boost 

11:00 PM PT till 5:00 AM PT

5-Minute Cash Boost

2:00 AM PT till 5:00 AM PT

45-Minute Rent Frenzy

5:00 AM PT till 8:00 AM PT

10-Minute High Roller

8:00 AM PT to 2:00 PM PT

1-Hour Free Parking Cash

8:00 AM PT to 2:00 PM PT

15-Minute Cash Grab

2:00 PM PT to 8:00 PM PT

1-Hour Free Parking Dice

8:00 PM PT to 2:00 AM PT

Monopoly GO Wheel Links

Monopoly GO Wheel Links
Monopoly GO Wheel Links January 2024

The Monopoly Go Wheel Links are time-sensitive, and they tend to expire soon. However, to keep up the fun and rewards coming, new links are provided on a regular basis by the game developers.

You can avail the Monopoly Go Wheel Links only once, and in case a link doesn’t work, it is either expired or already used. However, there are no Monopoly GO links currently available.

How To Get Monopoly GO Wheel Links

There are a number of ways to get the Monopoly GO Wheel Links for free. Here are all the ways you can obtain these links for quick rewards.

1. Invite New Players

The most convenient way to grab some Monopoly GO wheels is by inviting new players to play the me. When a new player joins Monopoly GO, you will obtain rewards. Additionally, you can play with friends online and send and receive gifts.

2. Connect to Facebook

If you’re looking for Free Wheels, your best bet is linking your Monopoly GO account with your Facebook account. It will unlock free Monopoly GO wheels and also ease out the process of finding your friends to play with and share gifts.

3. Follow Monopoly GO Socials

The best way of keeping yourself up with the latest developments in Monopoly GO and for news related to the latest Monopoly GO Wheel Links is to follow the game developers on Twitter and Facebook.

Most of the Monopoly Go Wheels Links you see posted on social media or YouTube are from the game developers, so they are the most reliable source for these links.

This marks the end of our Monopoly GO Wheel Links guide; while you’re at it, do make sure to check out our latest guide on Monopoly Go Crashing Error: How To Fix (Solution Explained)

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