PS Plus Games March 2024: PlayStation Games Announced For March

PS Plus Games March 2024

The PlayStation has announced the upcoming games for March and fans should be excited that there will be four games that are being introduced to this new month. The games will only be eligible for all the active members of PlayStation and the duration of availing these games will be from 5th March to 1st April. Read the article to know all about PS Plus Games March 2024 in detail.

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PS Plus Games March 2024

The four new games that are announced for March month will be available to both the PS4 and PS5 users. These members of PlayStation Plus can also opt for a brand-new cosmetic bundle for Embark Studio’s another game named Shooter. You can also get 2 new outfits and 12 skins of weapons as well if you choose this bundle about PS Plus Games March 2024.

The four games that will be available to the PS members are mentioned below:

  • Destiny 2: Witch Queen
  • EA Sports F1 23
  • Hello Neighbor 2
  • Sifu
PS Plus Games March 2024
PS Plus Games March 2024

Destiny 2 and Sifu are the best games out of these four because they have a huge fan base and players will be waiting patiently for them. You can check out the best features of the PlayStation Plus offer below about PS Plus Games March 2024:

Destiny 2: Witch Queen

Destiny 2 Witch Queen is an extended version of Destiny 2 that was by Bungie. The previous version of the game was free, and anyone could have played it, but the new version requires you to pay 30 dollars to play the game. You can also read about the best PS4 Survival Games.


Sifu is a very good game, and it is based on mostly Kung Fu where a man takes a journey to take revenge for the death of his father. The storyline is very good and players usually like the game because it allows players to even rise again after they die in the game about PS Plus Games March 2024. The game involves a lot of action and that is the best thing because a game that has both action and a good storyline is a worthy game to play.

EA Sports F1 23

This is a racing game that will allow players to use the most famous tracks of F1 and you can match the speed of the formula cars on the track. The best thing about this racing game is that it includes a multiplayer mode, a story mode that will take you through the journey of a player, and a career mode that will allow you to build your way by using customization in the game about PS Plus Games March 2024.

PS Plus Games March 2024
PS Plus Games March 2024

Hello Neighbor 2

This game was released by the collaboration of both Eerie Guest and tinyBuild. Players need to investigate this game and look for puzzles within the crime scenes.

You can still play the February games that are available in the PlayStation Plus account because the expiration date is 4th March for PS Plus Games in March 2024. Those who haven’t seen the games yet, can visit the store and download to play the February games. The available games in the February versions are Foamstars, Steel Rising, and Rollerdrome.

You can buy the PlayStation Plus by paying the subscription fee and players should note that the subscription may vary depending on the package that you choose. The three packages for the PlayStation Plus account are as follows:

  • PlayStation Plus Premium Subscription for about 159.99 dollars.
  • PlayStation Plus Extra Subscription for about 134.99 dollars.
  • PlayStation Plus Essential Subscription for about 79.99 dollars for PS Plus Games March 2024.

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