A Preview of New Battle Royale Games in 2024

New Battle Royale Games 2024
New Battle Royale Games 2024

New Battle Royale Games: Ever since COVID-19, a significant shift in gaming trends has been observed. As we were all stuck in our homes, there was a notable surge in the popularity of Battle Royale games. These immersive gaming experiences allowed individuals to connect with friends and family, even if they were miles apart, all from the comfort of their couches.

Whether it was rushing towards a hot drop in PUBG, scavenging for a Gilly suit and Mk14, or strategically maneuvering behind containers to outsmart opponents in COD, these games became the new favorites. However, in this guide, we won’t be discussing the games that we’ve been playing, but instead, we will look into what the New Battle Royal Games in 2024 are bringing for us. Excited? Let’s get started.

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New Battle Royale Games 2024

New Battle Royale Games 2024
New Battle Royale Games 2024

The robust character creation in Battle Royale Games provides players with a sense of being within the virtual world as they engage in intense battles. Even if your life is going dull, achieving victory in a Battle Royale Game can significantly boost confidence. It’s not merely a competition against robots; rather, it pits players against actual human beings, adding a thrilling and dynamic element to the experience.

Similar to previous years, there is a penalty for upcoming Battle Royale Games that hold the potential to break all the previous records. If you’re finding it challenging to choose from the array of New Battle Royale Games in 2024 to enjoy with your friends, here’s a curated list of the top five that are bound to captivate your gaming experience:

5. Underworld Gang Wars

New Battle Royale Games in 2024: Underworld Gangwar
Underworld Gang wars

Similar to GTA, Underworld Gang Wars, is perhaps a great start for New Battle Royale Game in 2024. This game was recently released on 12th January 2024, and you can access it from the Google Play store provided that you’re in the region where the game is permitted.

Underworld Gang Wars is a Battle Royale based in India, with a pure gangster theme. The game’s map is situated on Dhantara Island in India where the entire heartland is divided into two as the river Maya flows in between. Thus, on each side of the heartland, there will be a gang, and these gangs will fight against each other.

Be it the characters inside the game to the firing and the explosions, everything inside it looks so real. Thus, Underworld Gang Wars is probably a dangerous game, that can potentially leave all the Battle Royale Games behind.

4. The Division Resurgence

New Battle Royale Games in 2024
Division Resurgence

For all those, who are looking for a perfect Battle Royale Game, they can play on Android phones, The Division Resurgence is going to be the one. The game has yet to be released; however, the preregistration of The Division Resurgence has started, and it’ll be out very soon.

New Battle Royale Games in 2024
New Battle Royale Games in 2024: Division Resurgence

2024 seems to be like a Ubisoft year, as they are coming with big releases one by one. Yes, similar to Prince of Persia: The Last Crown, whose deluxe edition is already out, and I hope you guys must be enjoying, The Division Resurgence is also being developed by Ubisoft, therefore, you guys can imagine the scale.

The beta version of The Division Resurgence is already out, and most of you might have already experienced how real everything inside The Division Resurgence open world looks like.

Here, you will get access to tons of weapons and characters you can customize and upgrade, an impressive storyline, and most important for all it supports the PvP mode, thus you can play it with your friends.

3. Indus Battle Royale

Indus Battle Royale
Indus Battle Royale

Indus Battle Royale is a complete Indian-based game, being developed by SuperGaming Studios that you will be able to play on both your PC and your mobile. This being one of the New Battle Royale Games in 2024 will be very good news for all the Indian Youtubers, streaming their Pubg, FreeFire, or Valorant plays, as those games mostly keep getting banned.

Through Indus Battle Royale, SuperGaming Studios is showcasing what would Indus Valley Civilization look like if it was present today. Inside the Indus Battle Royale, you will see characters of your favorite Youtubers like Technogamerz and you can also listen to Hindi commentary thus this is something you should all be excited about.

2. Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile

New Battle Royale Games in 2024
Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile

Making it to the top two of our New Battle Royale Games in 2024, Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile, has not been released yet however the beta version came back a few days back.

Although the beta version isn’t available in Southeast Asia, however, you can check out plenty of videos available on YouTube. Moreover, the Preregistration for Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile has also started so don’t forget to get that done.

Similar to PUBG mobile, in Call of Duty Warzone, 120 players will land on an island, where they will fight against each other and the one standing till the end will get a lot of rewards. The game also offers multiple different maps and modes which you can try with your friends. From the trailers, and the beta version, the graphics look top-notch making the CoD Warzone stand out.

1. Valorant Mobile

Valorant Mobile
Valorant Mobile

Over the years, we all have witnessed the Valorant hype around us. From the late-night friends who get to gather to play Valorant to people getting their favorite Valorant character’s superpower tattooed on their hands, Valorant fever is real. Valorant is now making an entrance on our phone screens after a huge success.

Valorant Mobile is not going to be any different than Valorant org, it’s just that we’ll be now able to play it on our phones. For those of you who don’t know, Valorant is a 5v5 Battle Royale Game, where once in the lobby you need to select the character from the list of available characters.

Each character comes with different powers and abilities, and using them and coordinating with your time you need to kill the plants and plant a Spike. However, if you’re on the defense side you need to defend the other team from planting their Spike. All the abilities in Valorant are very unique and interesting, and thus make Valorant Mobile one of the most hyped upcoming New Royale Battles Games in 2024.

The aforementioned are the incoming top new Battle Royale games in 2024. Thus, get ready to start an adventure, strategize with friends, and become victorious. Best of luck.


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