How To Make Steel In Infinite Craft – Complete Crafting Recipe

How To Make Steel In Infinite Craft
How To Make Steel In Infinite Craft - Complete Crafting Recipe

Infinite Craft allows players to explore the difficult world of element combinations. By combining different elements in Infinite Craft, you can make endless different elements. The crafting of elements in Infinite Craft depends upon and is limited only to the creativity of players. The crafting of Steel is a useful element that allows an endless number of crafting options. We will examine how to make Steel in Infinite Craft and how to use steel to make different elements in this thorough guide.

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How To Make Steel In Infinite Craft

How To Make Steel In Infinite Craft
How To Make Steel In Infinite Craft

In Infinite Craft, the crafting of steel is a difficult method that requires a combination of ability and creativity. The procedure of making Steel starts with the careful creation of Energy. Every elemental combination, from adding Earth and Water together to the combination of different elements of Fire and Steam, will create the base for Energy.

Players are then required to craft Engines by simply adding Kite to Steam. At last, after the crafting of Energy, players can start the formation of Steel by combining the elements of Iron and Rust to make Steel in Infinite Craft.

Infinite Craft requires players to make Iron first in order to make Steel in Infinite Craft. But in order to make iron in Infinite Craft, you must make Energy as the first step in the making process before moving on to Iron.

Energy must be created before starting the process of crafting a car and then steel. You have to combine numerous elements like Windmill and Fire to make the Energy in Infinite Craft.

Following is a simplified recipe for creating Energy:

Element 1 Element 2 Product
Earth Water Plant
Plant Wind Dandelion
Earth Dust Planet
Dandelion Planet Sun
Water Fire Steam
Steam Steam Cloud
Fire Cloud Lightning
Lightning Steam Electricity
Sun Electricity Solar Panel
Solar Panel Wind Windmill
Windmill Fire Energy

After making the Energy, players are required to make the Engine as a second step in making Steel. Engine is required to make a car which is in turn used in making Steel in Infinite Craft.

Here is the complete recipe for making Engine in Infinite Craft:

Element 1 Element 2 Product
Plant Plant Tree
Tree Tree Forest
Forest Tree Wood
Wood Tree Paper
Paper Wind Kite
Kite Steam Engine

Now that you have an engine ready and energy, it’s time to make a car in order to finally get steel. First, you need to combine elements of Engine and Energy to make a Car. Then mix Fire and Tree to make Ash which in turn can be combined with Car to make Rust. Two elements of Rust can combine to make Iron. And then Steel can be formed by combining two elements of Iron in Infinite Craft.

Element 1 Element 2 Product
Engine Energy Car
Fire Tree Ash
Car Ash Rust
Rust Rust Iron
Iron Iron Steel

Moreover, you can make Steel by just mixing Ore with Water. but this is not the recommended way because making Steel through this process is a slow process.

  • Ore + Water = Steel

How To Use Steel In Infinite Craft

After completing the crafting process of Steel, you can explore all of the applications for Steel in Infinite Craft:

Element 1 Element 2 Product
Steel Water Rust
Steel Iron Sword
Steel Venus Titanium
Steel Steel Metal

The different elements that you can create from Steel in Infinite Craft may create are only limited by the ideas you have. Use your creativity and use various elements to create wonderful new crafts.

You can make a Sword in Infinite Craft by combining Steel and Iron. Also, Rust can be produced by mixing Steel and Water. To create Titanium, add Steel and Venus together. In Infinite Craft, by mixing Steel with Steel you can make Metal.

Through attention to the directions provided in this guide, you can make Steel and open up a limitless number of options by combining Steel with other elements. If you want to explore more crafting recipes in Infinite Craft, you can check out our guides like How to Make Life In Infinite Craft and All Possibilities for the Creation of Bricks.

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