Unveiling the Enigmatic Palworld Big Tree: Palworld Full Map [Comprehensive Guide]

Palworld Big Tree: Palworld Full Map
Palworld Big Tree: Palworld Full Map Explained

In Palworld, a mysterious big tree has captivated a number of players and created considerable excitement within the gaming community. If you’re also wondering how to reach the big tree and unravel its hidden mysteries, you’re not alone.

This renowned tree is positioned beyond unseen barriers, extending far beyond the sea, requiring the use of a flying mount for access. Therefore, read on to learn all about the Palworld Big Tree: Palworld Full Map.

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Palworld Big Tree: Palworld Full Map

This guide will explain all of the Palworld features and details while going over in detail how to reach the Palworld Big Tree.

Palworld Map Regions

Palworld Big Tree: Palworld Full Map
Palworld Big Tree: Palworld Full Map

The Palworld Big Tree: Palworld Full Map has a total of 9 regions to explore. It is important that you have an insight of all region to have a better idea of what will encounter there.

The following are all the map regions in Palworld.

1. Windswept Hills: Windswept Hills serve as the primary starting point and this region will primarily accommodates low-level Pals.

2. Marsh Island: This island will be an arboreal expanse housing an assortment of low-level Pals, presenting a diverse range of species.

3. Forgotten Island: It is a series of islands that are abundant with low-level Water-type Pals.

4. Verdant Brook: The undulating terrain Verdant Brook features an abundance of trees and waterfalls, providing a habitat for various mid-level Pals.

5. Bamboo Groves: The Bamboo Groves are nestled in the central island of the map and characterized by hilly landscapes adorned with bamboo shoots. This area hosts a variety of Pal types.

6. Twilight Dunes: The Twilight Dunes are situated adjacent to Bamboo Groves on the central island. It is a desert expanse that showcases a monumental Anubis statue, serving as the region’s boss.

7. Mount Obsidian: This is a scorching region that is distinguished by flowing magma and a colossal volcano. Mount Obsidian serves as the habitat for Fire-type Pals.

8. Desiccated Desert: This region despite its name is a temperate region populated by high-level Ground-type Pals.

9. Land of Absolute Zero: This region is located in the far north of the map. It is an icy area having a snow-covered mountain overlooking settlements and the world tree, inhabited by Ice-type Pals.

Palworld Tower Locations

Palworld Big Tree: Palworld Full Map
Palworld Big Tree: Palworld Full Map – Tower Locations

You will encounter faction bosses inside the towers located throughout the Palworld. Therefore, it is important that you’re aware of all the Tower locations on Palworld.

Here are all the Palworld Tower locations.

  • Location #1 – Tower of the Rayne Syndicate: (Coordinates: 112, -434)
  • Location #2 – Tower of the Free Pal Alliance: (Coordinates: 185, 28)
  • Location #3 – Tower of the PIDF: (Coordinates: 561, 334)
  • Location #4 – Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre: (Coordinates: -588, -518)
  • Location #5 – Tower of the PAL Genetic Research Unit: (Coordinates: -149, 445)

Palworld Dungeon Locations

The Palworld Dungeon locations proves to be a valuable pursuit for acquiring scarce resources, such as the sought-after Palworld Ancient Civilization Parts.

So, you’ll want to know all the Dungeon locations to loot all the possible resources available on Palworld.

  • Volcanic Cavern – Mount Obsidian
  • Hillside Cavern – Windswept Hills
  • Cavern of the Dunes – Desiccated Desert
  • Isolated Island Cavern – Marsh Island, Ice Wind Island, Sea Breeze Archipelago, Forgotten Island
  • Ravine Grotto – Ascetic Falls, Bamboo Groves
  • Sacred Mountain Cavern – Icy Weasel Hill, Unthawable Lake
Palworld Big Tree: Palworld Full Map
Palworld Big Tree: Palworld Full Map – All Dungeon Locations

How To Reach The Palworld Big Tree

The massive tree stands in the far northwest corner of Palworld’s map, located well beyond the sea. Therefore, getting to this location is not as straightforward as it may seem; there are quite a few challenges along the way.

However, if you know how to proceed, it should be a piece of cake. Since the tree is located beyond the sea, using a flying mount is recommended to cross the water.

This will avoid the danger you will have to face while navigating through the sea, and it is by far the easiest way to get to the large tree. All you need is to ride a flying mount across the sea, guiding you to the northwest corner.

This will help you reach the island where the giant tree is situated in no time. As you approach the tree, you’ll run into an invisible barrier blocking your path.

Invisible Wall Barrier – Big Tree Island

Palworld Big Tree: Palworld Full Map
Palworld Big Tree: Palworld Full Map – Big Tree Island

The big tree is obstructed by a red tint and identified as a red barrier. While flying over the sea helped you get this far, it won’t help you get past this particular barrier.

So, your best bet is to go under the barrier since you will be unable to get over it. Here’s how to get past the Invisible Wall barrier.

1. Create A Glitch Below The Water

When you approach the red barrier, dismount from your flying mount and plunge into the sea, and toss a Melpaca Pal into the sea, directing it slightly below the water’s surface.

This will create a glitch beneath the water, and you will be able to bypass the invisible wall through the glitch. It is worth noting that if the Malpeca remains submerged without surfacing, but its name is still visible, the glitch is considered successful.

Afterward, press and hold the F button while swimming; this will lead you to the ocean floor. The best part is that the glitch will prevent you from drowning, and you will be able to ride on your Melpaca.

2. Leap Forward With The Melpaca

To proceed you need to hump on your Melpaca and trace the border of the invisible wall to its end. When you reach the endpoint of the invisible wall, sprint, taking approximately 10 seconds to traverse to the other side of the invisible red barrier.

Once successfully beyond the red barrier, summon your flying mount to reach the island of the giant tree.

That’s all there is to know about the Palworld Big Tree: Palworld Full Map. However, since you’re at it, make sure to check out our detailed guide, Outer Portal BG3: What It Is And Where You Can Find It.

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