Top Free Games For PC

Top Free Games For PC

There are so many games that have been released or will be released in the future and this caused much confusion among gamers. While most gamers would want to play and try each game for themselves to see which is the best, this is not always possible.

So we have decided to make this process less time-consuming for our readers. We will be listing the games that gamers can try and enjoy. Continue reading as we discuss the Top Free Games For PC.

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9 Top Free Games For PC

While there are countless games for the PC and each player has their own opinions on which is the best, we will be listing our 9 Top Free Games For PC.

9. Paladins

Paladins key art
Paladins key art

Overwatch 2 by Blizzard Entertainment is a highly popular game and Padains is a significantly decent alternative especially due to the $0 price point. While there are some differences such as the mounts that players can use to explore, Hi-Rez Studios managed to stick close to the original as much as possible.

8. Roblox

Roblox was criticized as a clone of Minecraft by many people in the past but Roblox Corporation has managed to turn it into a game development tool and one of the top free PC game. 

7. War Thunder

War Thunder is one of the top free games for PC and is an amazing military simulation by Giajin Entertainment. Doesn’t matter whether you want to fight on the ground, in the air, or at sea, the game makes sure every play is catered to.

6. Valorant

Valorant key art
Valorant key art

Valorant is a successful and highly popular blend of the tactical and hero shooter genres by Riot Games. The objective of the game is simple and effective, one team is tasked with planning and defending explosives while another has to stop them.

5. Halo Infinite

The Halo series is one of the best FPS games and the Halo Infinite is no different. When most hear the name Halo they think of Xbox but the Halo Infinite has a free multiplayer mode that PC gamers can enjoy. While it is not the best title by 343 Industries it is one of the best free FPS for PC.

4. Runescape

Runescape is not just a game but something a whole generation grew up with. Jagex has made sure that all gamers can enjoy the game by having both a modern and classic version. Both versions have free content and a massive world that players can venture into. The world can be made better with a paid subscription if players wish.

3. Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 gameplay

Valve managed to upgrade all the good things from CS:GO in Counter-Strike 2 and made it the fan-favorite FPS. The game has 6 modes, and various maps, and is one of the best games for PC right now.  

2. League of Legends

Another game by Riot Games that has a massive fan following is the League of Legends. The game has a simple but beloved concept, destroy enemy bases before they destroy yours. This classic game objective is a simple but enjoyable element for fans.

1. Fortnite

Fortnite title art
Fortnite title art

There was a time when Fortnite was one of the greatest time passes for many gamers. While there have been many popular games released over time, Fortnite just has a unique charm. Epic Games still makes sure users are not bored by introducing new quests and rewards.

With this, we reach an end to our Top Free Games For PC list. We mentioned 9 of the top free titles that PC gamers can enjoy. Do let us know in the comments which free PC game is your favorite. In the meantime, check out Helldivers 2 Failed To Create Lobby: Check Out All The Solutions To Fix The Issue.

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