Enshrouded Roadmap 2024: Upcoming Updates And Features

You know when a game gets compared to one of the best games of all time, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, that the game is on another level. Keen Games gave their all during the making of Enshrouded, which is why fans instantly fell in love with the early release with excitement for the game’s future.

Players are in luck as Keen Games has released a roadmap for Enshrouded for 2024. This roadmap shows many things that fans wanted in the game and the developers will be adding to make the game more enjoyable. We will be discussing all the upcoming updates and features in the Enshrouded 2024 roadmap.

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Upcoming Updates And Features In Enshrouded Roadmap 2024

Upcoming Updates And Features In Enshrouded Roadmap 2024
Upcoming Updates And Features In Enshrouded Roadmap 2024

We will be listing some of our favorite upcoming updates and features that have been disclosed in the Enshrouded Roadmap 2024:

Hallow Halls Dungeons

What is an RPG without dungeons to explore so you can upgrade your gear and level up your skills? Well, new dungeons will be added in the game for players to crawl and conquer.

Replayable World Quests

Have you ever wished that you could replay a specific quest whether it is due to the quest being really enjoyable or if you want to change your actions? Then you will love this next feature that will be added to the game and allow you to replay world quests.

More Trees To Grow

Did you want to cut trees to acquire wood like Shroud Wood but have run out of trees? This next feature will help you out by providing more trees to grow.

New Enemies And Bosses

This next addition is highly probable to become one of the favorites of fans, as you will get more variety in the type of foes you battle.

Weather System

While this addition may seem small in comparison to others, it will add a different feel to the game and various locations.

Musical Instruments 

There are two types of players; one that’s interested in this addition of musical instruments to the game and another that couldn’t care less.

Potted Plants

This is another feature that will probably add more feel to the game than provide actual gameplay improvements but who does not like potted plants?

Nameable Bases

Enshrouded Cover Art
Enshrouded Cover Art

An interesting addition that I am looking forward to as it will make the game feel more real-time and show changes to the names of bases instantly.

Animal Farming

Most people want to play RPGs to get some realistic feel in the game and what better way than being able to farm animals?

Mountains Biome

All I can say about this addition is that it will make the game even more Skyrim-like by adding more mountains.

Vanity System 

Another feature that will add some more realism to the game and provide the users with a more personal experience.

Performance Improvements 

Probably the most awaited update to the game so that the gameplay becomes smoother and more enjoyable. Performance improvements are always welcome as they provide a significantly better user experience.

Enemy Patrols

This is another addition that will add some more realistic behavior to the enemies and provide some more difficulty which can help make the game more enjoyable.

Named Tombstones

Something else that will not help make the game itself better but can make the game experience a bit more real and personal.

Smoother Higher FPS Gameplay

Something that games want in any game is the option for higher FPS gameplay. This new addition will be highly welcome and enjoyed by fans.

Fixes And Polishes

Since the game is currently in the early release there have been issues that players had to deal with. So fixes in the future will give them hope that the developer wants to provide the best user experience possible.

Other Upcoming Updates And Features In Enshrouded Roadmap 2024

Enshrouded Cover Art
Enshrouded Cover Art

While we listed many of the upcoming updates and features that are planned for the Enshrouded roadmap, the remaining are mentioned below:

  • Steam Deck Support
  • Locations Improvements 
  • Improved Loot UI
  • Workshops Crafts From Magic Chests
  • Better Stack Splitting 
  • Improved Post Processing 
  • Sitting On Furniture 
  • Reassignable Glider Shortcut
  • Multiple NPC Instances
  • Round Doors And Windows
  • Multiplayer Pings
  • Townsfolk NPC
  • Townsfolk Pets
  • Better Quest Sorting
  • Server Gameplay Settings
  • Editable Signs
  • New Building Materials
  • Server User Rights
  • Nameable Map Locations

Some Major Features That Will Come Later This Year

Some additional major features will be coming to Enshrouded later this year and they are listed below:

  • Sharing And Visiting Of Bases
  • More Biomes
  • Water 
  • Instanced Dungeons 
  • World Events
  • Create And Share Gameplay Experience 

This concludes everything we currently know about the Enshrouded Roadmap 2024 and all the updates and features that are expected to be added to the game. Which of the aforementioned additions or updates are you most interested in? Do let us know and for more from GamingFlaws, check out Roblox: Project XL Codes (March 2024).

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