How To Get Lump of Clay In Enshrouded: Find The Exact Location & Use of Clay

How To Get Lump of Clay In Enshrouded
How To Get Lump of Clay In Enshrouded

Enshrouded is a survival game where players need to make their resources and get some items to make it through the game’s difficulty level. You can get a lot of resources that will benefit you and one of them is Enshrouded lump of clay. Read the whole article to know more about how to get lump of clay in Enshrouded.

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How To Get Lump of Clay In Enshrouded

Clay is one of the common elements in the game and players can use the lump of clay to unlock all the recipes in Enshrouded. This can be done by first crafting Kiln and for that, you will require some lump of clay which makes it a more important element if you want to access all the recipes. There are a lot of ways through which you can get an Enshrouded lump of clay and some of them might be easy, but others might consume some of your time.

You must know how to get lump of clay in Enshrouded because it is a common element so players will spot the clay on the surface of the cliff within the game. Clay is also a mining item so players can get it by digging the ground at some places. The best place to find a lump of clay is at the Revel Wood Biome where you will spot plenty of clay at different places.

How To Get Lump of Clay In Enshrouded
How To Get Lump of Clay In Enshrouded

Some of the most common places are mentioned below which will guarantee you some clay:

  • The north side of the camp is called “Carpentry” in the Diadwyn region.
  • The west side of the camp is called “Revelwood Ancient Spire.”

Players need to visit the Revel Wood biome as it has an abundance of Enshrouded lumps of clay present inside the cliffs located on the north side of that same location. You will know how to get lump of clay in Enshrouded by seeing its color and it appears to be shiny orange in color. This orange color will sparkle off the grey surface of the rocks around it and players will easily spot it even from a certain distance. One more advantage of visiting this location is that you will also get your hands on veins of copper which are present in the same region.

It is recommended that you should activate the Revelwood Ancient Spire which is a crucial fast travel point. You can see the Revelwood Spire on the map which is situated in the northeast of Braelyn Bridge. This region is located in the starting area of the game. This will greatly facilitate your navigation and efficiency in accessing resources.

You should be equipped with a pickaxe because clay is a mining item, and it will be stuck within the surface of the cliff, so you need to mine it before using it. Players can get any kind of pickaxe as it will do the job easily. All you need to do is go in front of the clay and you will see an option to mine it. Just click the button on your mouse to mine the clay and obtain it for use.

How Can You Use Lumps Of Clay to Craft Kiln

The best way to use clay is to craft a Kiln and for that purpose, you will be requiring a suitable quantity of clay so you should know how to get lump of clay in Enshrouded. Players can make a Kiln by visiting their base and speaking to the Carpenter about the arrangements of the Kiln. You will see a command window in front of you so just press the button “E” to begin crafting any item and for selecting Kiln, press on the option that says “Kiln”.

How To Get Lump of Clay In Enshrouded
How To Get Lump of Clay In Enshrouded

The game will ask you to have some items with you to use the carpenter for crafting the Kiln. These items can be easily available as most of them are available in abundance to know how to get lump of clay in Enshrouded. When you have gathered all the material required for making the Kiln, press the space bar button to finally craft your very own Kiln within the game. It is recommended to place the Kiln near the Carpenter for future use. When you have your Kiln, you can finally craft bricks by using this Kiln and then use those bricks for other building purposes in Enshrouded.

You must have the following items to craft a Kiln:

  • 50 pieces of Stones
  • 10 pieces of lumps of clay
  • 10 pieces of metal scraps in Enshrouded
  • 2 pieces of any kind of Twigs

You can also make half-timbered blocks in Enshrouded by crafting using materials like 10 lumps of clay and 5 wood logs. This material is quite similar to a Tudor-style wall that adds a distinctive aesthetic touch to your structures to know how to get lump of clay in Enshrouded. Additionally, you can utilize fired bricks as your crafting resource yields both the fired bricks block building material and the roof tiles roof material.

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