Best Square Enix Games (Ranked)

Best Square Enix Games (Ranked)

Square Enix released the latest title in the highly popular Final Fantasy franchise earlier this year. The game was a huge success and has brought fans back to the older titles by developers. While Final Fantasy is a really enjoyable series there are other games that fans should try.

However, the number of games by Square Enix is too big so going through them all can get a little cumbersome. That is where we come in by helping fans decide which games to try and enjoy. Continue reading as we discuss the Best Square Enix Games and rank them according to our preference.

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8 Best Square Enix Game

While there are many popular Square Enix games we will be discussing the 8 Best Square Enix Game below.

8. Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI
Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI is the 11th title in the series and was released in 2017 and an enhanced version was released for Nintendo Switch in 2019. The story opens up with the kingdom of Dundrasil being invaded and monsters destroying killing everyone except for one survivor. The player controls the survivor who was just a baby when Dundrasil was invaded and survived by drifting down a river,

7. Kingdom Hearts

The 2002 released Kingdom Hearts is the original game of the series and one that made its own identity among the many Square Enix titles. In no less part thanks to the collaboration with The Walt Disney Company. Players take control of the main character Sora and are joined by the magical Disney characters Donald Duck and Goofy. While the game is not the best in the franchise it is the one that started it all. 

6. Life is Strange 

Life is Strange is the first in the series and was released in 2015 through five episodic installments. The story follows a photography student Max Caulfield who can rewind time. This newly found ability allows her to change the past but the changes also modify the world around her. The game received some flak for certain language used but was also praised for its diversity.

5. NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata
NieR: Automata

The NieR: Automata is a direct sequel to NieR which itself is a spin-off and a sequel to the Drakengard series. The story focuses on human-made androids and machines being brought to life by aliens. Machine Lifeforms are the game’s antagonists and the proxy war is fought between them and the androids. The game has an open world and players can play as 3 different characters.

4. Final Fantasy VII

The Final Fantasy franchise is undoubtedly one of the best games by Square Enix and one of the best games overall. The main issue is deciding which Final Fantasy title is the best and while Final Fantasy VII scores a 4 on our list that doesn’t mean the other titles are lacking. The original Final Fantasy VII was released in 1997 and a Remake was released in 2020. The Remake got a sequel of its own which was released in 2024.

3. Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider was released in 2013 and is the 10th main installment in the Tomb Raider franchise. While Lara Croft is the main character this title focuses on a younger version who after finishing her degree is eager to make her mark on the world. The story is an origin story that no other title in the series has managed to give. 

2. Kingdom Hearts II

The direct sequel to the Kingdom Hearts and the third game in the franchise which was released in 2005 and became an instant hit with loyal fans. Like the previous games Kingdom Hearts II also combined Disney characters with Square Enix properties. The game follows Sora, Goofy, and Donald as they sleep for an entire year in order to regain their lost memories.

1. Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VI

Selecting the best Square Enix game is a challenging task this title in the Final Fantasy is acclaimed by critics and fans alike to be the best game by Square. Final Fantasy VI was released in 1994 and a remastered version was released in 2022. The story follows Terra Branford a half-human and half-Esper character. There are shades of betrayal and revenge that were loved by fans.

With this we reach an end to our Best Square Enix Games Ranked list. We discussed the 8 Best Square Enix Games and ranked them according to our liking. For more from CiceroPost, check out How To Play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time On PC.

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