LEGO Fortnite – Everything about Lego Islands

LEGO Fortnite - Everything about Lego Islands
LEGO Fortnite - Everything about Lego Islands

Epic Games recently released LEGO Islands for LEGO Fortnite, introducing many new and unique experiences for players of all ages, especially those who have grown tired of the base LEGO Fortnite mode. In this article, we’ll talk about the game and focus on the new additions.

For those who don’t know, LEGO Fortnite launched in 2023 as a separate game mode for the game. In LEGO Fortnite, players team up and explore a world built entirely from LEGO bricks, where they must gather resources to craft structures and defeat enemies. Due to the collaboration being easy to play, it’s a good experience for both newcomers and veterans of the survival game genre. Now, LEGO has introduced various ways to experience the new game mode.

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What are LEGO Islands?

Let’s start with what LEGO Islands are. They’re a series of family-friendly experiences with the LEGO Fortnite game mode. These experiences vary and are designed to enhance problem-solving skills in the LEGO world. As of right now, there are only two LEGO Islands, but developers have said that they’ll add more as time goes on, which means more experiences will be coming out soon. However, it’s worth noting that there haven’t been any mentions of player-created Islands yet.

What LEGO Islands are available?

At the moment, only two LEGO Islands are available in the new mode, with them being LEGO Raft Survival and LEGO Obby Fun. Both games provide players with vastly different experiences in the same game. To play these maps, go to the Discover section and keep scrolling until you find the LEGO Islands category, where you can select either. Or you can use their island codes and join directly:

  • LEGO Raft Survival: 2975-0725-2749
  • LEGO Obby Fun: 6344-4048-9837

Now that we know how to enter these games, let’s discuss what experiences the games provide.

LEGO Raft Survival

Fortnite LEGO Raft Survival
Fortnite LEGO Raft Survival

As the name suggests, players need to survive in a small raft in LEGO Raft Survival. While players are on the raft, a pirate ship will shoot cannons at them and the raft, breaking the raft into smaller pieces, similar to that one Mario Party minigame. This experience can be played solo or with a four-person squad.

However, unlike the Mario Party minigame, players can find chests floating in the water to build on the raft to make it bigger. Players will have to quickly add more raft pieces to their area so they have a place to stay while the pirate ship continues to destroy the raft.

The pirate’s attacks arrive in waves, so players will have some time to work on their raft in the down-times. If players do fall into the water, sharks will attack them. If they die, they’ll respawn on the nearest raft piece. Once the entire raft is destroyed, the game will end, and players will get a report on how they played and how many coins they earned.

Staying alive in LEGO Raft Survival will earn players with XP, which will count towards their Battlepass.

LEGO Obby Fun

Fortnite LEGO Obby Fun
Fortnite LEGO Obby Fun

For those who don’t know, Obbys are obstacle courses players have to parkour through. LEGO Obby Fun is exactly that, an obstacle course in the sky. Unlike Raft Survival, up to 10 players can squad up together and play.

At the starting area, players can turn the music on and off, and find some rifts that they can use to teleport to unlocked checkpoints. In the actual obstacle course, players have to go through numerous LEGO platforms that move around, and the best part is that there are over 100 levels playable, so the experience stays fresh.

Players who miss a jump and fall will respawn at their last checkpoint. From Platform 40 – City onwards, each checkpoint will have a rift that players can use to go to and from the starting area.

An important thing to note is that LEGO Obby Fun counts the number of falls a player has, so players will have to try and play more carefully so that their count is lower than others. Players will get XP simply by traversing through the obstacle course.

More LEGO Islands will be added to the game, but for now, players must make do with LEGO Obby Fun and LEGO Raft Survival, and that’s all you need to know regarding LEGO Islands! If you liked our Fortnite guide, check out How To Get And Farm Blast Powder In LEGO Fortnite: [Complete Guide]

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