Easiest to Build Minecraft Outdoor Decorations

Minecraft is a game that allows players to build and create just about anything they like. From giant castles to lush forests, if you can think it then you can probably build it. However, to make anything really stand out, it’s important to ensure that the outdoor decorations are as cool as the indoor ones.

With that being said, it’s only natural that not every outdoor decoration is as easy to build as many players like. Fortunately, that isn’t too big of an issue, as there are a handful of outside decorations that are super easy to make, and we’re about to focus on those today.

Here are some of the easiest-to-build Minecraft outdoor decorations that you can go out and build right now. While they might not be the best outdoor decorations, they’re definitely the ones you won’t have any trouble building.

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Chicken Nest

Chickens in Minecraft
Chickens in Minecraft

The first outdoor decoration we have is a Chicken Nest. If you’re going for something like a farm-like setting then having chicken nests is crucial. Fortunately, you don’t have to work much for this as all you need are the following ingredients to build a chicken nest:

  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Horn Coral Fan
  • 4 Spruce Trapdoors
  • 1 Water Bucket

It should be noted that building a chicken nest isn’t enough to keep chickens contained. However, it’s still an exceptional feature to have, especially if your chickens are free to roam and you want to give your farm a more realistic feel to it.


Following the trend of farm-like decorations, we have the wheelbarrow. However, what sets this apart from the chicken nest is that although the wheelbarrow might look basic when alone, it can help add a sense of movement to your overall creation. After all, it’s why things like carriages and cars are so beloved in Minecraft.

With that being said, the materials you need to build a wheelbarrow are:

  • 2 Oak Trapdoors
  • 1 Spruce Fence Gate
  • 1 Spruce Sign
  • 1 Spruce Slab

Not only is the wheelbarrow design super easy to create but it can also be altered depending on the preference of the builder by simply changing the block palette. Additionally, there are also a bunch of more detailed designs online that you can use for this specific decoration, though sometimes having this simple wheelbarrow might be just what the doctor ordered.

Sword In The Stone

Diamond Sword in Minecraft
Diamond Sword in Minecraft

We won’t lie, this one has to be our favorite decoration out of all of the ones we’ve mentioned on this list. After all, not only is it so easy to make but it’s just so magical that anyone who visits your world will definitely remember it. Even if you aren’t going for a Camelot-based world, it doesn’t matter because a sword in a stone can work anywhere.

The materials you need to build a sword in a stone include:

  • 1 Andasite Slab
  • 1 Andesite Stairs
  • 1 Command Block
  • 1 Diamond Sword
  • 1 Stone
  • 1 Stone Stairs

It should be noted that this particular build requires a command block. If you don’t have server admin privileges or if cheats aren’t enabled then you might have to skip this specific decoration. However, if you’re able to then we definitely recommend you go for it.

Playground Slide

Okay, so most of the items we went through today are purely for decorations and can’t be used for anything practical. However, the same can’t be said for this working playground slide. Whether you want to upgrade a vanilla Minecraft village or you want to create a custom one, this playground slide can be the centerpiece of a park or something similar. After all, everyone cares about all of the grown-up villagers, but what about the children?

With that being said, the materials you need to build this working playground slide are:

  • 1 Minecart
  • 13 Oak Trapdoors
  • 1 Oak Slab
  • 11 Oak Stairs
  • 4 Rails
  • 16 Spruce Trapdoors

Now, villagers naturally can’t use blocks or entities freely. However, that’s not too much of a problem since you can always take advantage of your own creation to have a joyful ride whenever you want. Who knows, you can make this in a multiplayer server and then take rounds on the slide.

This concludes our list of some of the easiest to build outdoor decorations in Minecraft. Are you interested in making any of them, and if so, which one are you going to work on first? Let us know in the comments below and for more Minecraft check out Minecraft Bedrock: 7 Best Death Messages.

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