Dragon’s Dogma 2: Portcrystal Locations And How To Use Them

One of the newest RPGs that people are currently enjoying, Dragon’s Dogma 2, has a vast and beautiful in-game world that players can explore. This is similar to most RPGs as they try to emulate the real world with this in-game world.

This is also why there are many quests in RPGs and players are never idle or bored while playing. There are various quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that keep players interested in the game and hungry for more. For instance, the nameless village quest is one that needs players to use critical thinking to complete. 

While the arisen’s shadow quest is more straightforward and requires the players to move through the appropriate actions. Something that is a hindrance in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is the ability to travel fast in the vast world. Well, we have a solution to this problem and will be going over portcrystal. We will briefly explain what portcrystal are, where to find them, and how to use them.

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All Portcrystal Locations

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Screenshot
Dragon’s Dogma 2 Screenshot

While Capcom has done well with making the in-game world vast and greatly explorable they missed the mark by not enabling fast travel. This limitation is an issue when players need to travel between cities multiple times and it gets annoying really fast.

While you can use an oxcart to travel it is still not fast enough and players want a faster way to travel. Well, we are here today to discuss portcrystals that you can use to travel between different places instantly. Continue reading to find all the locations of portcrystals.

Vernworth Portcrystal

The Vernworth Portcrystal is one the easiest portcrystals to find as it will be reachable while you are following the main quest of Dragon’s Dogma 2. It can be found outside the building that houses the Grand Riftstone of Vermund. There is no special requirement to unlock the Vernworth Portcrystal and it will unlock after the player arrives at Vernworth for the Seat of the Sovran quest.

Harve Village Portcrystal

The Harve Village Portcrystal can be located in the southwestern part of the village outside the cave that you need to enter for the Monster Culling quest. While there are no special requirements to unlock the portcrystal it is wise to activate it when you pass through the village during the quest.

Seafloor Shrine Portcrystal

Dragon’s Dogma 2 In-game World
Dragon’s Dogma 2 In-game World

The Seafloor Shrine Portcrystal is located east of the Seafloor Shrine but you can only unlock it after the Legacy quest and initiating the True Ending. Once you activate one portcrystal in the Unmoored World you will gain access to all the portcrystals in the Unmoored World. The Seafloor Shrine Portcrystal is the closest one to your starting point in the Unmoored World so activating first can be highly convenient.

Sacred Arbor Portcrystal

The Sacred Arbor Portcrystal is located on the northern side of Sacred Arbor and similar to the Seafloor Shrine Portcrystal will only activate after after the Legacy quest and initiating the True Ending. 

Agamen Volcanic Island Portcrystal

The Agamen Volcanic Island Portcrystal is located on the shore path heading southeast from Bakbattahl. Similar to the Seafloor Shrine Portcrystal and Sacred Arbor Portcrystal, the Agamen Volcanic Island Portcrystal will only activate after the Legacy quest and initiating the True Ending. 

How To Use Portcrystals?

To be able to use portcrystals you first need to place the portcrystal at a location that you later want to warp to. To do this go to the location, open your inventory, and drop the portcrystal. You can also later pick up the portcrysal and place it elsewhere if need be.

With this we reach an end to our Dragon’s Dogma 2 Portcrystal Locations & How To Use Them guide. We went over all the locations of the portcrysals in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and we discussed how to use them. For more from GamingFlaws, check out Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Who Is Cissnei

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