How to make Urban Dictionary in Infinite Craft

How to make Urban Dictionary in Infinite Craft

Infinite Craft is one of the more absurd titles in recent memory, but it’s a hit game regardless due to its unique nature. For those who don’t know, Infinite Craft is a sandbox browser game where you can mix all kinds of things to make virtually anything, even life!

The thing that’s so special about Infinite Craft is that it’s a free-to-play game that anyone can play, and you don’t need a powerful PC for it either. All you need to play Infinite Craft is the internet, a browser, and loads of free time. You start the game with Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind only, and you use them to make ingredients, which are used to make more objects.

The thing we’ll be looking at in this article is how to make the popular website Urban Dictionary in the Neal Agarwal-developed title! We’ll go through numerous of methods to make Urban Dictionary. Alongside the main thing, we’ll also discuss how to make the ingredients necessary to make Urban Dictionary. 

Making Urban Dictionary in Infinite Craft

As we mentioned earlier, there are unlimited ways to make Urban Dictionary in Infinite Craft, but right now we’ll only discuss the fastest way to create it. 

How to Make A Dictionary

Dictionary in Infinite Craft
Dictionary in Infinite Craft

It’s simple to get a Dictionary in Infinite Craft, and once you get it, it lets you make various things. Not only that, but you also get other materials while making a Dictionary, which can be helpful for other recipes. To make things simple for you guys, we’ve made a small step-by-step guide for you to follow. So, what you need to do to make a dictionary is:

  1. Combine Earth and Water to make a Plant
  2. Combine a Plant with a Plant to make a Tree
  3. Combine a Tree with Water to make a River
  4. Combine Earth with River to make Delta
  5. Combine River with Tree to make Paper
  6. Combine Paper with Paper to make a Book
  7. Combine Book with Delta to make an Alphabet
  8. Combine an Alphabet with a Book to make a Dictionary.

And that’s all it takes to make a Dictionary! We’re one step closer to making Urban Dictionary, and now, let’s look at how to make Slang so that we can combine it with Dictionary.

How to Make Slang 

Slang in Infinite Craft
Slang in Infinite Craft

Making slang in Infinite Craft is a lot simpler than making a Dictionary. Simply:

  1. Combine Earth and Water to make a Plant
  2. Combine Plant and Water to make a Swamp
  3. Combine Alphabet and Dictionary to make Language
  4. Combine Language and Swamp to make Slang

How to Make Urban Dictionary

Now, all that’s left for you to do is combine Dictionary with Slang, and you’ve got an Urban Dictionary! You can use Urban Dictionary to make all kinds of other things in Infinite Craft now! If you’re having trouble finding your ingredients, find the item’s icon and name on the right, or just select the text box in the down-right corner of the screen and type in it.

What can you make with Urban Dictionary?

As we mentioned earlier, you make all kinds of things using an Urban Dictionary. For example, you can make:

  • Combine Urban Dictionary with Slang to make a Slang Dictionary
  • Combine Urban Dictionary with Swamp to make a Swamp Donkey
  • Combine Urban Dictionary with Beach to make Spring Break
  • Combine Urban Dictionary with Prayer to make Amen
  • Combine Urban Dictionary with Rainbow to make a Unicorn
  • Combine Urban Dictionary with Holy Water to make Blessed
  • Combine Urban Dictionary with Infinite War to make Infinity Ward
  • Combine Urban Dictionary with Tree of Knowledge to make Wikipedia
  • Combine Urban Dictionary with Iron Throne to make Game of Thrones
  • Combine Urban Dictionary with Minecraft to make Minecraftia
  • Combine Urban Dictionary with Sun to make Sunburn
  • Combine Urban Dictionary with America to make Trump
  • Combine Urban Dictionary with Obama to make Obamacare
  • Combine Urban Dictionary with Gaming to make Gaming Terms

You can see above that you can create even more stuff using Urban Dictionary, leading you towards even more ingredients.

We’ve now concluded everything you need to know about making Urban Dictionary in Infinite Craft. We saw how to make Urban Dictionary, including the ingredients needed to create it. In addition to that, we also discussed what we can make using Urban Dictionary.

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