Palworld Pals Not Working When Not In Base [Error Fix]

Pals Not Working When Not In Base
Pals Not Working When Not In Base [Error Fix]

After a year full of blockbusters, Palworld is undoubtedly a great start for 2024 offering players a perfect blend of monstrous action and adventure. However, big releases like Palworld, are often accompanied by a couple of errors, that have the full potential to distort your gaming experience, and the “Palworld Pals not working when not in base” error is one of them.

In Palworld, as you explore the huge Palworld map, you need to capture 100 different Pals and unlock various Active and Passive skills to encounter enemies and protect your base. Therefore, Pals are the most crucial part of Palworld gameplay. If you’re also facing trouble controlling your Pals efficiently when you’re away from the base, here is the complete guide, bringing ease to your problem. Therefore, fix the error ASAP, and get back to your journey through the vast realm.

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Palworld Pals Not Working When Not In Base [How To Fix]

Palworld Pals Not Working When Not In Base
Palworld Pals Not Working When Not In Base: How To Fix

Bases in Palworld, are built to create a safe space for you and your Pals, to chill down, and do craft gear or any other future supplies. You can use these bases, to even reproduce Pals, thus, to ace Palworld, you need to efficiently build your bases and protect them with the help of Pals you’ve captured, by making use of their abilities.

Unfortunately, over recent times, we have started receiving many players complaining about Palworld Pals Not Working When Not In Base. This is a very frustrating and annoying error as the whole Palworld plot revolves around these Pals. Here are a few fixes that you can try:

Sick Pals

One of the major reasons for you to encounter “Pals not working when not in base”, is because they are low in health. However, there are ten different ailments that you can craft to heal your Pals.

Make sure, to put all your Pals in the box, whenever you leave the base. This will prevent them from walking around, and thus keep them healthy. Also, it’s recommended to assign more Pals to a heavy task, so the workload is distributed evenly, and you don’t have to face this error.

Pals With Low Sanity

Pals, in Palworld, need proper pampering, and only then do they fight efficiently against your enemies. Thus, to ensure the proper hygience of your Pals, it’s important to put them in a hot tub regularly.This will definitely boost their efficiency.

Restart the Server

Most of the time, you may be facing “Palworld Pals Not Working When Not In Base” error because of some random server glitch. Therefore, don’t panic whenever you encounter such kind of error. All you need to do is to put all your Pals in the box, and then restarting your server will solve the issue.

Construct A Spacious Base

In Palworld, to make your Pals work efficiently, it’s really important to organize your base, and that is only possible if it is spacious enough. Inside your base, make sure, you lay clear paths for Pals to move otherwise they’ll stuck at ugly corners, and it’s really hard to get them out of such places.

One more thing, although you can build your base anywhere in Palworld, however, try to construct these Palworld bases on flat terrain to minimize navigation and other issues.




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