Unveiling Palworld 1.3: Palworld Update Fixes Game Exploits

Palworld 1.3: Palworld Update
Palworld 1.3: Palworld Update - All Details Revealed

Palworld is a lot like Pokemon, but it adds an Ark-like, survival twist to add to the fun. In the game, you will have to battle powerful Pals and also keep your base stocked to stay on top.

However, accomplishing this is not an easy feat since it follows a unique game mechanic and you will be new to the game since it’s in early access as of now. This guide will brief you on the Palworld 1.3: Palworld Update.

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What Is Palworld 1.3: Palworld Update

Palworld 1.3: Palworld Update
Palworld 1.3: Palworld Update: What does the update bring?

Palworld is without a doubt not a straightforward game and you have to strategize to stay on top, but so far, various cheats, exploits, and hidden features made Palworld a lot easier. That doesn’t seem to be the case any longer.

In the initial launch version and the subsequently released lightly patched version on January 23, you had the privilege of utilizing in-game quirks to easily overcome any challenges or obstacles that had previously caused you to become stuck.

However, the Palworld 1.3 update effectively addresses the issue. This latest update not only tackles serious game breaches caused by exploits but also rectifies various unusual bugs.

Palworld 1.3: Palworld Update Details

Here is everything you need to know about the latest update, the Palworld version  1.3.

1. Game Exploits And Cheating

Palworld 1.3: Palworld Update
Palworld 1.3: Palworld Update: Game Exploits And Cheating Fix

When Palworld was released, comparisons were drawn with the Pokemon franchise and everything was going well but all of a sudden, things went south and the troubling issue of hackers exploiting the game and stealing other players’ Pals was raised.

This was a major concern in the game but the best part is that the developers have openly acknowledged the challenges posed by these exploits and have shown a commitment to addressing and curbing cheating.

The Palworld update version 1.3 puts countermeasures against various cheats and exploits but also ensures that it doesn’t happen providing a sigh of relief for the players.

While it is too early to comment on the effectiveness of these measures, the developers are certainly on a roll to eliminate any such issues and permanently eradicate cheating from the Palworld.

2. Loading Screen Bug

Palworld 1.3: Palworld Update
Palworld 1.3: Palworld Update: Stuck on Loading Screen Fix

The game exploits were a major concern but the issue of the game being stuck in a perpetual loading screen was also a vexing issue that was not good by any means for the gaming experience.

The Palworld 1.3: Palworld Update also fixes this issue for both PC and Xbox. The update will prevent you from having to stay on a never-ending loading screen and make your logging-in experience much smoother and better.

3. Quality Of Life Improvements

Palworld 1.3: Palworld Update
Palworld 1.3: Palworld Update: Quality Of Life Improvements

The concerns addressed above were all the major updates but Palworld patch 1.3 is not an update without the minor fixes. The update also introduces other minor technical issues being fixed.

These include general quality-of-life improvements and a fix for a bug that caused the world date to be inaccurately displayed, giving the impression of a reset. In addition, the issue of multiple instances of incorrect text is also addressed in the Palworld 1.3: Palworld Update.

This was a small update and that was pretty much all introduced with the update. The official details for the update are available on the X (Twitter) handle of Palworld.

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