Nightingale Game Error: How to Fix “Error Getting Shards” Message in Nightingale

Nightingale Game Error
Nightingale Game Error

Nightingale was released on 20th February this year and it has taken the internet by storm. Players all around the world are very eager to complete the game along with all its missions but some errors restrict the players from running the game smoothly. Read the article to learn all about the Nightingale game error and the issues that come along with their respective solutions to fix the problem.

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Nightingale game error

There seem to be a lot of errors within the newly launched game and some players find it difficult to operate with those errors. It is recommended that you should eliminate the errors first and then go on with the game. Check out the complete set of errors mentioned below along with their solutions to fix all the issues.

Nightingale Game Error
Nightingale Game Error

How to fix Shards Error

The shards error is experienced by a lot of players and due to this, players are unable to play with their friends in a match together. You might think that the shards error is being shown due to a glitch within the game but at most times, it is because there is maintenance going on by the developers on the servers of the game in Nightingale game error.

This error message can appear in various instances for a lot of reasons. Some players have suggested that a clearer message would help them understand the problem better, which also states the reasons and the probable causes of this issue. Additionally, this error message could also signal potential future internet connectivity issues on your end.

This shard error is for a temporary time as the team of maintenance aims to correct the issues within the game immediately so all the players can run the game smoothly. The basic way to fix the shard error is to first restart the game so the chance of avoiding this error can be achieved and then see for any update of the game because sometimes an update is required to fix the issue in Nightingale game error. If the error still prevails, you can complete the following steps to fix this issue.

  • You should check the game files so if there is any update, players should do it as quickly as possible.
  • The shard error usually occurs due to maintenance so check the discord channel for the game so any maintenance-related news can be checked.
  • Sometimes, the error might occur due to usage of VPN so players must disable the VPN as the game does not support it.
  • You should check that the connection is stable regardless of whether the connection is wired, or it is wireless in Nightingale game error.
  • If none of the above steps are working, then the last resort should be to reboot the system and try to install and run the game on SSD for a better user experience.
Nightingale Game Error
All errors in the game

Login Failed Connection error

This error can be very frustrating at times because it denies you the chance to even open the game and enter the main menu. It causes the game trouble while connecting with the servers of Nightingale. This issue involves the internet connection of your PC with the game so one of the sole reasons for the appearance of this error could be your internet connection in Nightingale game error.

Nightingale developers have advised the players that they should ensure a stable internet connection for uninterrupted gameplay. If you have experienced recent internet issues, you should check your connection and speed. One of the solutions is to restart your router or even relocate your PC closer to it as it might help. Players should verify the network connection as it can help identify the underlying cause of the problem.

The best way to test your internet connection is by running another game that also connects with the internet in Nightingale game error. This will give you an idea of whether the issue lies with your internet connection, or the game is causing the login failed connection error. You can try the following ways to fix this issue if your internet connection seems to be fine.

  • You should make sure that all the drivers are up to date, and this includes the GPU drivers as well. Players can look for game updates at Epic Games and driver updates at Nvidia.
  • Players can opt to run the Nightingale game as an administrator which will allow the game to use most of the resources of your PC, making it the highest priority. You can make the game run as an administrator by clicking the right button of the mouse on the app in Nightingale game error.
  • The Windows firewall should be disabled as it blocks the apps sometimes and it leads to issues in running the game. This can be done by visiting the control panel and then going to ‘system and security’ and then finally the Windows firewall.
  • Another reason for the error can be that the players are using a VPN so disable it before you run the game in Nightingale game error.
  • You should verify all the game files, and this can be done by visiting the ‘games’ option in the stream and then selecting local files by clicking on properties first.
Nightingale Game Error
Nightingale Game Error

How to Fix Network Error

The network error causes the game to crash again and again which can lead to difficulty in running the game. Some basic solutions can help you get rid of this network error, and it will fix your issue.

  • The first solution to any error should be to restart the game as sometimes an error causes the game to have issues. This can solve your problem so just begin by restarting the game and then running it again for smooth use.
  • You should verify the game files because this is a newly launched game, and it might experience some kind of problems. You can check the game files by visiting the properties of the game and then checking the installed files. Players will see an option of ‘Verify integrity of the game files’ so select this option to run it in the background in Nightingale game error.
  • Players should also check the status of the server because an online game faces some internet issues while running. You should also check the discord or the Twitter channel of the game for any news on maintenance and other issues.
Nightingale Game Error
All related errors in Nightingale

Maintenance Servers Error Check

The game has been receiving some issues since the release and it has caused a lot of errors for the players. One such error is the maintenance error which does not allow the game to relaunch when any maintenance is being done on the game. There was a maintenance check on 21st February, and it caused the game to be down temporarily but at 11 am GMT, the game was back on track. There was an update right after the maintenance check and players were required to download it after the servers were back online.

Nightingale should be offline only when the game is scheduled for any kind of updates and these updates are mentioned on the Twitter and Discord accounts of the game. Players are encouraged to check these accounts regularly so they can have an idea about when the game will be offline for any kind of maintenance check in Nightingale game error.

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