Fiend Intel 3 In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth was officially released just a short time ago and opened to highly positive reviews. The game even managed to sell over 260,000 copies in Japan during the first week. While FF7 Rebirth is a PS5 exclusive right now, it is highly probable that the game will be released on the PC

An important part of the game is leveling up your Materia to be able to cast stronger magic and defeat tougher enemies. A good way to achieve this is by completing Fiend Intel as their reward can help with Materia development. We will be discussing what Fiend Intel is, how many are in the game, and what Fiend Intel 3 is. 

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What Are Fiend Intel In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Aerith
Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Aerith

Intel missions from Final Fantasy Remake make a return in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth which is also developed by Square Enix. Similar to the previous game the former Shinra scientist, Chadley, is the one assigning these missions to you. 

This time instead of having to go in the simulation, players are tasked with going out into the open world to gather intel for the scientist. One of those types of intels is called Fiend Intel. When accepting a Fiend Intel players are given combat assignments when facing powerful and one-of-a-kind variants of enemies that you can find roaming different regions. 

To gather the Fiend Intel players have to defeat the enemies while completing all 3 conditions. Successfully completing Fiend Intel will not only give players data points that they can use for Materia development but they also unlock the simulation battles where they can face those enemy variants again.

How Many Fiend Intel Are In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

There are a total of 32 Fiend Intel in the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. All the combat assignments are scattered across the regions and while a region might have 6 Fiend Intel, another might have less.

  • The Grasslands region has 6 Fiend Intel
  • The Junon region has 4 Fiend Intel
  • The Corel region has 6 Fiend Intel
  • The Gongaga region has 6 Fiend Intel
  • The Cosmo Canyon region has 6 Fiend Intel
  • The Nibel region has 4 Fiend Intel

Each Fiend Intel comes with 3 different sets of assignments that need to be completed. You can complete 2 or even 1 assignment but that will decrease the reward. The only way to unlock the full reward is to complete all the objectives.

What Are Fiend Intel 3 In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

FF7 Rebirth Cover Art
FF7 Rebirth Cover Art

Before anything, it’s crucial to be clear that every location has a different set of Fiend Intel as we mentioned above. Therefore, the Fiend Intel 3 for one area is different when compared to that of another area.

However, the Fiend Intel 3, like other Fiend Intel in FF7 Rebirth, comes with 3 combat assignments that need to be completed to unlock the maximum reward possible with this side quest. The first objective is to pressure the enemy by exploiting its weakness. For instance, you would be required to use fire Materia on an ice-based enemy and ice Materia on a fire-based enemy. So whichever enemy you face, you need to use its weakness to your advantage.

In addition, you need to stagger the enemy, which is linked with pressuring the enemy as you need to build the stagger bar, which can be done easily via pressuring. Using their elemental weakness and guarding against their attacks is another sure way to build the stagger bar. Finally, the third and last assignment is that the enemy is beaten within the time limit for you to successfully fulfill all the objectives.

With this, we have reached a conclusion to our Fiend Intel 3 In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth guide. We went over what Fiend Intel is, how many Fiend Intel exist in FF7, and what the Fiend Intel 3 is. For more from GamingFlaws, do check out the CoD Modern Warfare 3 And Warzone: How To Unlock The Soulrender.

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