How To Refuel Your Car in Pacific Drive

How To Refuel Your Car in Pacific Drive

Survival games seem to be taking the entire gaming world by storm, and 2024 already has a banger game in the genre, with more on the way. We are, of course, talking about Pacific Drive, a game developed by Ironwood Studios and set in the Pacific Northwest. While the game emphasizes exploration and walking a lot, it isn’t the only method of traversal.

Pacific Drive also gives players the option to use their station wagon to find a way to escape the area they’re in. However, as is to be expected, it isn’t as though the station wagon, or car, has an unlimited amount of fuel. Fortunately, we have three methods you can use to refuel your car in Pacific Drive, and we’ll be going through all of them below.

How to get more fuel for your car in Pacific Drive

Driving a car in Pacific Drive
Driving a car in Pacific Drive

As mentioned above, there are a couple of methods you can potentially use to get more fuel for your car in Pacific Drive. However, not all of them are straightforward. 

Method #1: Unlock The Fuel Synthesizer

All of the methods we’re about to go through below require you to actively seek out something or select something to get more gas for your car. However, unlocking the Fuel Synthesizer is the only way to passively refuel your car. After all, it absorbs substances from the environment and converts them into fuel automatically.

With that being said, this is a mid to late-game blueprint and it also requires some rare resources, so most newcomers likely won’t be getting their hands on it for some time. You should definitely go for it when you get the chance though.

Method #2: Go To Gas Stations

The world in Pacific Drive is pretty destroyed and you’re trying to escape, but hey, you’re still in the Pacific Northwest, and that means tons of gas stations to take advantage of. Gas stations are excellent because, unlike some other methods to refuel your car, they completely fill your gas tank for you.

To find gas stations, all you have to do is keep a lookout for the easily recognizable broken red neon signs that spell “Gas,” or at least part of the word. If you’ve been playing Pacific Drive for a while then you’ll already know that this is easily the best way to refuel your car in Pacific Drive.

Method #3: Siphoning Fuel

An abandoned car in Pacific Drive
An abandoned car in Pacific Drive

While in the search for fuel, if you aren’t fortunate enough to find a gas station then you can always use a fuel barrel to make do until you can utilize another method. Fuel barrels are usually found in murky areas away from regular roads and can be used alongside your fuel canister to siphon the fuel out of it. While they’re rare, you’ll definitely find more fuel barrels than Olympium Fragments.

Alternatively, if you’re in an area that has more cars than barrels, you can always use abandoned rusty cars to siphon the fuel and other materials out of them. While they won’t fill your tank, they’ll hopefully help you progress in the game. It’s because of these two fuel opportunities that we always recommend players carry their fuel canisters with them.

Method #4: Oppy’s Auto Shop

The final method for getting gas for your car in Pacific Drive that we want to highlight is probably the most convenient, especially since you don’t have to look for anything or build anything. We’re sure most of you must have figured it out by now.

That’s right, we’re talking about going to Oppy’s Auto Shop. This auto shop is the main base to repair your car and install important gadgets, and it also teaches you to deal with all of the threats and anomalies you can expect to come across. The best part of this shop, however, is that it also has a fuel pump you can use.

Therefore, if you’re returning from a supply run or completing a mission, be sure to stop by the fuel pump at Oppy’s Auto Shop to fill up your fuel tank easily.

This concludes everything you need to know about refueling your car in Pacific Drive. While using a gas station is definitely the best way to get gas for your car, the fuel pump at Oppy’s Auto Shop is likely the one you’ll be using the most. For more from GamingFlaws check out All Minecraft Wolf Variants And Locations (Bedrock And Java).

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