Outer Portal BG3: What it is and Where You Can Find it

Outer Portal Room in Baldur’s Gate 3:
Outer Portal Room in Baldur’s Gate 3:

Baldur’s Gate 3, the Game of The Year for the year 2023, has a very diverse cast of characters. While some of them are likable and can be added to your party, other characters are, well, not so likable. One such character whom the entire fandom seems to adore is Hope, but players need knowledge of the Outer Portal Room before they can free her from her captivity.

For those players who have reached the final act of Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll eventually find yourself facing the House of Hope dungeon. This is where the Outer Portal Room is and where you can free Hope.

Today, we’ll be going through everything you need to know about the House of Hope and Outer Portal, including where it is, and how you can solve it.

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Who’s Hope in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Who’s Hope in Baldur’s Gate 3?
Hope in Baldur’s Gate 3

Before anything, it’s important we give you a bit of background regarding why you’re tackling the House of Hope in the first place. The House of Hope is a major dungeon in the final act of Baldur’s Gate 3 that serves as a sort of prison for Hope. Hope is a dwarf and the sister of Raphael’s assistant, Korilla Hearthflame.

Speaking of Raphael, he’s the one who has Hope captured in this hellish dungeon, and only you and your party can save her. If you head to the House of Hope (Coordinates are x:6417 and Y:2918) you can see a captive Hope while going towards the Outer Portal Room. However, you won’t be able to free her until you acquire the necessary items.

The first time you meet Hope you’ll only be able to ask her a couple of questions if you pass the dialogue check. She’ll also do you a favor by changing your clothes to match those of the Debtors who reside in the dungeon, making it so they don’t attack you.

How to Free Hope From the Outer Portal Room in Baldur’s Gate 3?

How hope appears when captive
How Hope appears when captive

Now, the short answer to how you can free hope in Baldur’s Gate 3 is by breaking the two crystals near her prison using the Orphic Hammer. The long answer, however, is, much longer.

You begin by going to the Western portion of the House of Hope dungeon. This is the Archive area, and you can potentially bypass the Archivists’ wrath by passing a skill check and pretending to be Zariel’s inquisitor.

You’ll also see three items here, and among them will be the Orphic Hammer you’re looking for. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to acquire this just yet, though we’ll guide you on how you can grab it in just a bit.

How to Get the Orphic Hammer in Baldur’s Gate 3?

The Orphic Hammer in Baldur's Gate 3
The Orphic Hammer in Baldur’s Gate 3

Remember the Archivist we mentioned? Yeah, you want to speak with them to be invited to the Boudoir. This will allow you to pass through the Mystic Force Curtain where you’ll meet Haarlep the incubus.

Now, there are three different outcomes to this meeting.

  • The first is that you’ll give Haarlep your heart and soul leading to something that would make this article NSFW.
  • The second is fighting against Harleep and the imps who join her, after which you can grab the key you want.
  • Finally, you can let Haarlep take your body as a disguise, but not your mind. This gives you information on where you can find the safe that has the key you’re looking for.

Whatever outcome you get, as long as you get the key to the safe, you’ll be good. Speaking of the safe, you can find the safe behind a painting to the left of the bed. Inside it, you’ll find a note that will tell you the words you should recite when picking up the Orphic Hammer.

Now you can go back to where the Orphic Hammer was, interact with it, and say the following words; “Give me my heart’s desire.” We recommend you make some preparations before this, as enemies will flood the area as soon as you pick up the hammer. It might be a good idea to cast invisibility on at least one of your party members and then run as fast as you can to escape all of the enemies.

Using the Orphic Hammer to Free Hope

The Outer Portal BG3 Crystal
The Outer Portal Room Crystal

Now, you have the Orphic Hammer and you know where Hope is. All that’s left to do is to go back to Hope’s prison in the Outer Portal Room and free her, right? Well, not really. To free Hope, you need to use the Orphic Hammer to destroy the two crystals by hitting them. However, both of the crystals are guarded by Observers, and several imps are also flanking them.

Using some good strategy, as long as you take down at least one Observer and as many imps as you can, you should be able to sweep the rest of the enemies and destroy both of the required crystals.

What Happens After You Free Hope in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Baldur's Gate 3 Raphael
Baldur’s Gate 3 Raphael

Once you free Hope, you see her true form and she joins your party as a temporary party member. She’s a level 10 Cleric and will come in handy as a healer in the fight you’re about to face now.

Oh, yeah, did we mention that you face Raphael after you free Hope from her shackles? That’s right, your goal is to now reach the main entrance chamber and walk through the portal that starts the Raphael boss fight. You’ll get the chance to persuade Yurgir, the Orthon from the Gauntlet of Shar, before the fight which will result in you getting another uncanny ally.

Regardless, the Raphael boss fight is for another time, because we’ve gone through everything you needed to know about the Outer Portal Room in Baldur’s Gate 3’s House of Hope dungeon. We hope this guide made things easier for you lot, especially since if you’re reading this, you’re likely nearing the end of your Baldur’s Gate 3 playthrough.

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